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Who We Donate To

  • 1 min read

Since the beginning, Cuddle Clones has always made it a priority to make sure we’re doing our part in helping animals in need. We donate directly to individual animal shelters every month…not the big guys. This ensures that the money goes directly to helping pets and not into people’s pockets. These resources help shelters with things like medical care, meals, and toy donations for their shelter animals.

We pride ourselves on not just creating high-quality custom products but also allowing our customers to give back to something greater. When you shop at Cuddle Clones, every purchase helps a shelter pet in need. We donate directly to individual animals shelter through every purchase you make. These are genuine donations that are happening every month and could be helping a local animal shelter near you.

How do we decide which shelters to donate to? There are many reasons that determine which shelter we chose, but all of those under consideration all start off as a nomination from you! Do you know of a shelter in need of donations? We want to help! Each month we select and donate to shelters nominated by you! Send your shelter nomination to us for consideration.