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Plush Cuddle Clones

A Cuddle Clone is a soft and adorable, one-of-a-kind plush version of your pet!

All species and breeds are $259.00.

Cuddle Clones are made in a standard size range of 4 to 24 inches in length. The actual size you will receive is based on many factors including type of pet, breed, and artistic interpretation. The following chart can help determine what size to anticipate based on pet type.

Type of Pet Length (inches)

Small Animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.) 4 – 8

Dogs 13 – 24

Cats 13 – 24

Horses and other large animals 20 – 24

Exact size is never guaranteed, but you can request a specific size within this range in the characteristic or notes fields when placing your order.

Cuddle Clones are handmade using plush materials. We choose from literally thousands of synthetic fabrics to find the best match for your pet. The most common plush materials we use are polyester and acrylic. We also utilize water-based airbrushing techniques to get certain color effects. All materials and parts used to make Cuddle Clones are upheld to the strictest safety measures.

The best way to care for your Cuddle Clone is to keep it dry and clean. Cuddle Clones are colored using water-based airbrushing so excess moisture should be avoided as it could potentially cause fading. This doesn’t mean you can’t hug your Cuddle Clone multiple times a day, every day! It just means you shouldn’t submerge it in water. If you do need to clean your Cuddle Clone, never attempt to wash it. Cuddle Clones should be dry cleaned only.

We do our very best to ensure that your Cuddle Clone captures the characteristics and likeness of your pet to the absolute best of our abilities. We are very proud of our products and how much they resemble the actual pets.

You will select the position for your Cuddle Clone. If your pet has a special position you would like to have us attempt to capture simply include this in the characteristics section when placing your order and we’ll make it happen free of charge. If for some reason we can’t duplicate the custom position we will contact you to tell you so and see if you’d like to proceed with another position.

Absolutely! Visit the Cuddle Clones Gallery, where you can view all of our past Cuddle Clones.

Almost everything! Depending on your pet, you get to choose the following options; body position, mouth position, ear positions, eye colors, and tail position.

Cuddle Clones are made at our 100%-owned small workshop located in the city of Dongguan in China’s Guangdong province. Our workshop has many talented designers and highly skilled support staff and it is a very nice little place. Locating our workshop in China provides huge advantages such as highly skilled labor in the area of plush design and the proximity to raw plush materials, which means that we can offer Cuddle Clones to a broader number of pet lovers without charging thousands of dollars.

We do offer a $30 duplicate discount for each identical Cuddle Clone of the same pet, but there is not a discount for multiple Cuddle Clones of different pets or the same pet with different options.

You sure can! If the species of your pet is not listed, simply select ‘Other’ for the species and then choose the species in the breed drop down. If the species is not listed, you will simply select ‘Other/Mixed’ and a box will appear where you can provide the information for your pet’s species and breed.

This is not something we can offer. Our products require a specific process to create and materials cannot be substituted.

Creating clothes or other apparel is not something we are able to offer, nor can we guarantee your existing pet’s clothing will fit on your Cuddle Clone.

It sure is! You can add an optional zipper pouch to the order. This special feature is an additional $20. You will be able to select this option as an add-on when placing your plush Cuddle Clone order.

It takes 8 weeks for a Cuddle Clone to be delivered. Our delivery times are estimates and not guaranteed. However, if you need your Cuddle Clone sooner or by a specific date, there are guaranteed 2-week , 4-week and 6-week rush-delivery options available.

Golf Club Covers

Our golf club covers are made to fit on a standard driver but will work with 3 woods, 5 woods and 7 woods. The smaller the club the looser the cover will fit.

Golf club covers are priced at $199.

This is not something we offer. We are highly focused on replicating pets and animals only.

It takes 8 weeks for a golf club cover to be delivered. Our delivery times are estimates and not guaranteed. However, if you need your golf club cover sooner or by a specific date, there are guaranteed 2-week, 4-week and 6-week rush-delivery options available on the shopping cart.

Plush Slippers

See our sizing charts on the Plush Pet Slippers product page to select the appropriate size to order.

Slippers are priced at $249.

This is not something we offer. We are highly focused on replicating pets and animals only.

It takes 8 weeks for slippers to be delivered. Our delivery times are estimates and not guaranteed. However, if you need your slippers sooner or by a specific date, there are guaranteed 2 week , 4 week and 6 week rush-delivery options available on the shopping cart.

Holiday Stocking

Our seasonally exclusive holiday stockings are priced at $139.

You can select either red or green for the stocking color.

We only offer red for the embroidery on the holiday stockings.

This is not something we offer. We are highly focused on replicating pets and animals only.

It takes 8 weeks for a holiday stocking to be delivered. Our delivery times are estimates and not guaranteed. However, if you need your holiday stocking sooner or by a specific date, there are guaranteed 2 week , 4 week and 6 week rush-delivery options available.


Figurines vary based on the body position of the pet but are approximately 4 inches long and about 3 inches high.

Our figurines are made of sandstone so they have a rough look and feel. Sandstone can be fragile so make sure to be careful with your figurine or ornament.

Our figurines are $99.00, or $89.00 without a base.

For a figurine, you get to choose between standing, sitting or lying down. If you would like a custom position for your figurine please contact us at and we can let you know if it is possible and if there will be an additional charge.

For a figurine, you get to customize the position, whether or not your figurine has a base, and what is written on the base; most customers include the pet’s name on the base. There are no additional customization options for ornaments.

All of our figurines are made in the United States.

It takes 5 weeks for a figurine to be completed.


If you have placed an order, you can check the status anytime by logging into our website and visiting your account. You can also email us anytime at Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number via email.

We require digital pictures to place your order online. We do accept mail-in orders. Please call or contact us at if you would like us to email you or mail you a mail-in order form. This way, you can simply complete the form and mail it back with the pictures and payment. Your pictures will be returned with the completed Cuddle Clone.

Cuddle Clones gift cards come in amounts from ranging from $25 to $300, and allow your pet lover to celebrate their pet in their own unique style! Cuddle Clones gift cards are delivered electronically immediately upon purchase.

You can enter a coupon code on the cart page and a gift card number on the checkout page. Only one coupon can be applied per order, however, any number of gift cards can be used to pay for an order.

Yes! Our website is set up for international ordering, and international customers can pay with either a credit card or PayPal. Please note, that you might be required by your country of origin to pay duties and taxes when you receive your order and that Cuddle Clones is not responsible for these fees as they are imposed by your country’s government.

Visit our Picture Guide for a detailed explanation of what we suggest for pictures, including quality, lighting, framing and focus. These are merely guidelines of what we’d prefer but we will absolutely work with whatever pictures you have if your pet has passed away. Occasionally, our designers will be unable to use the photos you provide to complete your order. In this case, please visit the "Requests" page in your account to see what our designers need to proceed with your order!


We accept all major credit cards – American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. We also accept PayPal.

Your credit card will be charged at the time of purchase. This is because of the custom nature of our products.

No, we do not store payment information.

Yes. Shop Pay offers you the option to pay in full at checkout or to split your purchase into 4 equal instalment payments.

There are no additional charges, interest rates, or late fees. You can pay your balance off early without penalty. However, if you make a partial payment or late payment, then future applications to use Shop Pay Instalments might be affected.

Your credit scores aren't affected if you use Shop Pay Instalments. However, if you don’t pay an instalment, or you make a late payment, then your eligibility for making purchases using Shop Pay Instalments in the future might be affected.

We are not a mass production company and are unable to provide a regular discount on a bulk number of units. Please call or contact us at to inquire about larger quantities. We may be able to work with you if you are interested in quantities of 10 to 50 units. If the number of units you need are 250 or more, we can refer you to a mass production partner.


We sure do! The international shipping cost is calculated at checkout. You will be able to pay with either a credit card or PayPal account. Please note, that you might be required by your country of origin to pay duties and taxes when you receive your order and that Cuddle Clones is not responsible for these fees as they are imposed by your country’s government.

All orders within the United States are shipped via USPS. International orders are shipped via DHL. You will be provided with a tracking number once your package ships.

The cost of shipping varies based on product and destination and will be calculated at checkout.

We ship in eco-friendly multi-layered bags. The bags are white and gray with a Cuddle Clones logo.


It’s always best to place your order as soon as possible, but you can use the time frames for the products listed below. Please note these are custom products so production time can vary so you should place the order as far in advance as possible.

Below are the current estimated production times for our products:


Plush Cuddle Clones Plush Creations Plush Replacements Golf Club Covers Slippers Holiday Stockings 8 weeks

Sandstone Figurines Ornaments Necklaces Earrings 5 weeks

Pet Prints2 weeks

We do offer rush services for plush products only. We have the following three options for rush service:

Guaranteed 2-week delivery for $129 extra

Guaranteed 4-week delivery for $59 extra

Guaranteed 6-week delivery for $29 extra

You can choose the rush option in your shopping cart. Rush options can also be added after placing your order within a few days of placing the order. Rush options are sometimes turned off during peak order seasons. Rush fees are always non-refundable.

Cancellations / Returns

You may cancel an order for a full refund before it is in production status, however, rush fees are non-refundable. Simply contact us at


If your Cuddle Clones product is incorrect or damaged upon arrival, we will correct the error at no cost to you. Please contact us within 30 days of receiving your product and we will email you a prepaid return shipping label. Incorrect products are defined as products:

▪ Which are broken or damaged upon delivery
▪ Where the customization choices on the order were not followed (e.g. you chose the Sitting position for a Cuddle Clone but the Cuddle Clone was made Standing
▪ The spelling on the sewn-in label was incorrect due to our error
▪ Where the product itself is defective (e.g. a split seam)


We offer a full refund to you, less the cost of the return shipping and added rush fees, on the following products, if you are not satisfied with the result:

▪ Plush Cuddle Clones
▪ Golf Headcovers
▪ Slippers
▪ Plush Holiday Stockings
▪ 3D-Printed Sandstone Figurines and Ornaments


There are no refunds for the following items:

▪ All Pet Print Items (e.g. Mugs, Blankets, Socks, Pajamas)
▪ Accessories (e.g. Collars, Face Masks)
▪ Gift Cards
▪ Rush Fees
▪ Plush Products & 3-D products that have undergone corrections


You must notify us within 30 days of your intent to return the item to be eligible for a refund. You then have an additional 15 days to return the item to us to remain eligible. Once we receive the item back, we will process the refund. Please ship your item back to us at Cuddle Clones, 445 Baxter Ave. Suite 150, Louisville, KY 40204, using the most economical method for you that still has a tracking number, otherwise, we cannot guarantee that we have received the returned item.

You can notify us by calling us at (800) 793-0870 or emailing us at Please include your contact information, pet’s name and order number, if known, in your message.

If you are returning an order purchased wholly or in part with a gift card, the amount of the purchase made on the gift card will be refunded to the gift card.

Our returned Cuddle Clones are donated to various local organizations where they can spread comfort and joy.

Account Questions

No problem. Your username will be your email address or if you signed up using Facebook, the email address associated with your Facebook account. If you forget your password, please visit our Login page and select the "Forgot your password?" option.

Simply contact us at and supply both your current and new email address. We can then update the account information for you.

Simply contact us so we can assist you.


Cuddle Clones does offer an affiliate program! Those interested in applying should visit this link or
send an email to