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Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Michelle Alexander
Head is to big

I love the attention to the length of hair, but the brown is to not dark enough and his head is way to big for a 15 pound cavalier. I really had my hopes up that it would be the same size as our Teddy. We lost him in September and was a gift for my husband.

Perfect Clone of my furbaby!

In the past I was already thinking about having an cuddle clone of my loved dog. After he died beginning 2022 I immediately ordered my cuddle clone. The shipping to Germany was fast. It took only 2 weeks of producing and shipping to
Germany. The result is insane, I’m so happy with it and I had tears in my eye as I unboxed the package. Thanks a lot!!! I highly recommend it.

Very nice

We got this as we were afraid our 17y/o cat was dying, she’s now decided she’s going to outlast us. Does it look exactly like her? No it’s lighter than she is but the markings and position is perfect! My dad was super happy when he got it.


Beautiful rendition of my beloved Kaya. The details of her likeness are wonderful except her face is too broad and needs to be more narrow. However, when I sent back an email to address this fact they never responded. Smh, could be better at responding to concerns.

Plush Slippers
Telsa Croop
Awesome slippers

So real it’s creepy! Excellent quality! Really warm! Love them!! Worth every penny!

My Sally replica

The process was easy to do on line as I live in England I got up dates to the process the making of her and when she was shipped very good service I also like the company donates to animal charities

Absolutely Amazing

I ordered my cuddle clone of my dog Lucy who passed away a few years ago, found cuddle clones online and thought it was such a cute idea. I read lots of reviews and looked at lots of pictures and decided to get one. When I got it I was so happy, It looks just like my little girl, even better it came 4 weeks early. Experience was amazing and can’t wait to order one of my other dogs.

Very happy customer!♥️

Hello .
I purchased a clone of our sweet sadie our American pit bull .
It was perfect my mom loved it and will cherish it forever!

Golf Club Headcover
Larry Hawkins
Perfect copy of my puppy

I was amazed with the closeness of the headcover to my little dog. The clone matched his moustache, eye color, fur color and his ears. I really appreciate taking my puppy to the golf course with me. Murphy watches me intently from the cart and makes me smile whenever I look at him.
Thank you for your hard work.

Golf Club Headcover
Kim Bertin
Great customer service

Item couldn’t be delivered. Customer service stuck with it until we figured out the problem b

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Gretchen Brenner

I was thrilled with Pepper 2. This was a gift for my daughter going away to college. The likeness is amazing and my daughter was thrilled. Almost as good as the real thing!

Custom Pet Art Blanket
Tyler Burleson

I got a cuddle clones blanket for a Christmas gift! It looks just like the picture I submitted. The blanket is very comfortable and soft. We wanted a way to remember him as a kitten, so decided to use a kitten photo. Highly recommend cuddle clones!


Certain details are spot on, like my boy’s back and tongue markings. However his face is off. Had his eyes been spaced closer together and his nose bigger he would’ve looked much more like my little guy. Other reviewers had dead-on clones of their pets so I was a bit disappointed but happy to see the details that made him so unique like his patch of apricot fur on his back and that dark spot on his tongue. That fur on his back made me cry, it was so subtle but all his.

Custom Pet Art Blanket
Phillip Garr
My sweet Jessie Girl

Our girl Jessie passed away in May.
We had her since she 4 weeks old. Found her on a cold night she was wet scared and so tiny.
Full of energy, her whole life a great protector and companion for my youngest daughter who had Cerebral Palsy. Jessie was her sleep buddy.
A big part of our life for 13 years and 4 months.
I held her until she took her last breathe.
Cuddle clones made this beautiful soft blanket.
Thank you so very much. Cuddle Clones.

Almost there and pretty darn cute

The clone was close. Needed adjustments to colouring, neck, ear shape and the nose needed to be larger. All round, pretty good.
Would’ve loved to have updates with photos so that I could make one round of amendments through the process before sending. Too much of a hassle to send back.
Nice memory of my recently passed dog. Gave the clone a big cuddle when it arrived.


Thank you to Cuddle Clones for doing such a great job on making this cute clone of my sweet girl.

We love our blanket

I ordered a blanket with our dogs face on it. My family LOVES the blanket. It looks just like him. I even took it to work and it was a hit there too. Ordering another one.

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Gabriel Barrett

Wow! Simply amazing! Down to the smallest detail is perfect. Definitely spreading the word. I couldn't be happier or more satisfied with the end product.

Golf Club Headcover
Fay McDaniel
My dog loves it even more than my husband

It came out really good. I am happy with the product. My dog Phoebe is who it was created after. She is fascinated with it. She thinks there is 2 Phoebes in the house now.

Wonderful gift idea!

Love this blanket! Bought 2 as Christmas gifts and they loved them. Quality blanket and very soft.

My "ride or die" for 16 years! Nina

Cuddle Clones – thank you for an amazing job in cloning my Nini (Nina). It is absolutely impressive how the family including our other pets do believe it’s her and are playing and hugging her – xoxo (pics 2 +3 are the clone) pic 1 the real deal...

Golf Club Headcover
Joseph Nadock
Xmas present

We lost our Shih Tzu in August of 2020, 15 years old. He was our fourth rescue, it never gets easier. When I got my clone head cover, I almost cried. It looks almost identical! He also helps when I hit a bad shot,lol.

Absolutely love

I got our Cuddle Clone Plush as a Christmas gift for my husband in memory of our sweet Saint Bernard we lost a year and a half ago. She is absolutely perfect. They even got her front paws crossed over each other just like how she would sit. We always loved it when she sat like that. Our Great Dane dog thought our Cuddle Clone Plush was a real dog and was sniffing it like crazy and trying to get it to move!! Our clone plush laid under our Christmas tree until we took it down as our sweet girl always slept under our tree every year. Many people thought the clone was a real dog and were surprised when it wasn't. My husband immediately knew it was our Lucy. My kids teared up as we have all been missing her terribly. I did buy a personalized dog collar to put on our clone plush with our dog's dates and name in the color orange just like her original collar. Thank you so much!! The best thing I have spent my money on.

So sweet

I was devastated to lose my baby boy, and needed some comfort.I love this. I put my boys t shirt and collar on it and after I take it to show people, he sits (protected from my other dogs) up on the shelf for me to look at. From the next room he looks so real! His face isn’t 100% exact, but from a short distance it is, and from the back, he’s fooled people! The quality of this is amazing, very well put together. Stiff and stays the way it’s made. An excellent tribute to my beloved boy. The tag on the bottom with his name is so precious. He isn’t a replacement for him, as there can’t be, but it’s nice to have. This isn’t a defect, but when you go to hug it, it will not feel like the real thing. As all pet owners who’ve lost their baby, you know there is no replacement; but it is a wonderful tribute. Thank you to those who put my Skeeter together. He’s beautiful

Golf Club Headcover
Jennifer Steuernagel

Amazing lifelike! Final product farrrr exceeded my expectations!! Wonderful customer service! As my boyfriend says it is the best way to have you dog watch you play golf!!! He love love loved his golf head cover..
Cuddle Clone on left in picture