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I’ve got my best friend back ❤️

Thank you so much Cuddle Clones for bringing back my furry best friend Tiesto❤️🐾. Your artist did a very great job at catching my buddy’s features. His marks on his fur, his begging eyes and orange with black nose. Even his position when he’s laying. Tiesto was my best furry friend for over 20 years and I have a rough time without him cause he was always there for me when people couldn’t. I had him for more than half of my life so I miss him every second of the day. I want to thank you again for bringing him home to me eventhough it’s ‘just’ a stuffed animal it really helps me to cope with his loss. 😻🐾❤️🌈💫

I have my baby back

I was very nervous about ordering, my dachshund had such subtle colors that I knew there was no way she could be recreated exactly, but I got my Cuddle Clone stuffed animal today and I am so pleased! She is so close to what my baby girl looked like and the size is approximately the same too! I can't thank your artists enough for giving me my Miracle back!


We lost our sweet Pomeranian Loly suddenly in July after 11 wonderful years. I love how much care and detail was put into our cuddle clone. I have her in my office where I boop her nose every morning.

Can be an emotional purchase

The reason for our request is due to the unexpected passing of our 2 year old kitten. I should have realized that too high of expectations could be emotionally damaging. The clone was not as we hoped but the customer service thus far has showed great compassion and willingness to remedy. That shows to me their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, so I very much appreciate that! We were told a one time refund is possible so we are awaiting that process. Thank you for the delicate handling and helpfulness.

It's My Baby Tank!

I love my Cuddle Clone. It looks just like my Baby Tank at 9 months old. I would have liked him to look a bit older but this does bring back great memories of my boy at this age 11 years ago.


Received my cuddle clone today. What a beautiful tribute to my 17 year old Jaxon I lost 9 months ago. Y’all captured his sweet little face and I am so pleased. Thank you so much, Dana


I just received my buddy Frisco’s clone.
Unbelievable resemblance, could not be happier.
I actually put him under the covers in my bed and his companion Oakley started whimpering and licking his ears.. Thank you so much for the detail of your work.

Quality and Great Customer Service

I bought a driver cover of our beloved Maine Coon cat for my husband. The quality is excellent! They emailed me to get an additional photo to get his looting right. Could not be more pleased.


Received this headcover as a birthday present. Fantastic! I get tons of comments and love having my dog walk the course with me.

Would Recommend!

My family lost our first dog suddenly this past May. It came as an absolute shock and half of us were not able to say our final goodbyes to him. Cuddle clones does not replace the loss but it certainly did help provide my family with some comfort.

The staff were so friendly and responsive to every single request and email which made the whole process so amazing. I like how the cuddle clone is supposed to be a stuffed animal version of your dog and not necessarily an identical clone but I will say there have been times that my family has mistaken that our past pup was in the living room with us. Thank you cuddle clones for making the grieving process a little more bearable and for allowing us to have something to cuddle when we miss our buddy.

Loving my Cuddle Clone

I am beyond happy of the great job that was done of my boy Devo..I miss him so much but every time I look at my cuddle clone it makes me happy.Thank you so much for paying attention to all the details and making them look so real.

Got my girl back

My beautiful baby, Sugar passed away June 8th 2022. She was 18 1/2. The absolute worst day of my life. But thanks to my husband and cuddle clones I now have my sweet baby to pet and hug any time I want.. She is perfect. Thank you so much. What you’re doing for people is truly wonderful.

Identical to Our Morgan!

I can't write much of a review without crying. Thank you all so so much for capturing all of the details that made our girl Morgan the dog she was. We adopted her when she was already up in years and had to let her go after six very full years of life with us. My little boys are happy to have this version of her back in her old bedtime spot. This far exceeded my expectations.

The most beautiful memory of my angel

I want to thank this wonderful team who created the most beautiful memory of my angel Bigi. They took into account all my remarks and were extremely kind and full of empathy in this period of my life, which has never been more difficult for me. Thanks to you Cuddle Clones, my Bigi is now back on his couch.. Where he belongs.. Thank you...<3 Best regards from Croatia! Anela

So happy with my Chappy plushy

About a month ago my darling 15 year old Chappy cat passed away, it broke my heart beyond belief. The day after he passed I was telling my partner about Cuddle Clones. To try cheer me up, my partner was lovely enough to buy me a clone as a gift. I was anxiously waiting for my plushy to arrive as the reviews for cats were a real hit and miss. I'm from Australia and the total came to almost $400AUD!!! So this wasn't a cheap gift at all. My plushy ended up arriving within just 3 weeks instead of 8 which was amazing. I was ridiculously nervous opening the package. I'm not going to lie, when I opened it at first I had a good laugh because I thought his face was a bit funny. But then I realized it's a stuffed animal, not my real life Chappy. Of course it's face isn't going to look the exact same. Now I'm absolutely in love with it, everything is spot on. I can't believe how accurate the fur colour, the tail and the sizing is. I didn't even mention what size he was in the notes, Chappy was a very small cat and they got the sizing absolutely PERFECT! The more I look at him, the more I fall in love. I am so so sooo happy with my Chappy plushy. It is the best gift I have ever received in my whole life and I'm so happy that I can cuddle my Chappy plushy forever. Cuddle Clones is 100% worth the investment :)

Delicate details... Twins...

My dog is looking into a mirror... Hahaha...

Muku has arrived!

Muku has arrived!
I was very surprised at how similar it was!!!
I feel very happy.
I feel like Muku has come home!
Our family has always been with Muku.
Thank you very much!

My beloved Teddy

I have no words to express the immense happiness you have brought us.
Teddy was part of our family and now he has returned to us.
I also thank Sheena from customer service who cordially followed up with me when I needed it, and I thank all of you for the wonderful job you did.
I am so glad I made the choice to lean on you.
There will never be enough words to thank you for everything!

Namtarn Cuddle Clones

Thank you very much for founded this company. We got our spiritual value back. My parents loved it very much, hugging and kissing. Parents raise dogs like they are raising children. As for me, I'm raising a dog like I'm taking care of my sister. It’s our family. Importantly, the order was made for 2 weeks, but a few days it was finished. work very fast. Thank you really very impressed.

Cuddle Clone

My son loves his Cuddle Clone of his first dog that passed away.

Plush Slippers
Great Puppy Slippers

Cuddle Clones kept me advised at each step of the order process, including checking back to clarify my order, emails when going into production, shipping,, and all.. the slippers cMe out really well and look just like the reL dog.. excellent work!

Oh my gosh. When Trixie's clone arrived, I ran privately into my bedroom, opened the pkg and pulled her out. I couldn't believe it. I held it and wept. It's only been a month so this is still fresh. Their artists came so close to what Trixie looked like that her sister from the same litter starting crying as she approached it sitting on the bed, she started wagging her tail and with it sitting on the loveseat now, where Trix always sat, her sister is lying right next to her and hasn't left her side. I've sent a photo to show that. If you can fool her sister? Wow. The artists even got the details perfect on her which were her cherry eyes that she lived with her entire 11 years and mullet on top of her head! This is so amazing to me. Thank you Cuddle Clones! OMG. I mean, are you guys for real? I wish I could hug you! You've brought my girl back to life. I will cherish this for the rest of my days.

Couldn't be happier

I received my Cuddle Clone of Kye today and it's beautiful. They really captured his likeness perfectly.
I placed my order after my little buddy passed away and it's so nice to feel like he's around again.
Opening the package was an emotional experience. Worth every penny.

Great reminder of our sweet pup

We lost our pup of 14 years and have been devasted. when I got this in the mail today I just started crying. I am obsessed with my cuddle clone and even though I can’t bring my pup back, this gives me something to cuddle with and have someone sit beside me while I work from home.

Teddy's Cuddle Clone

I literally just got my cuddle clone of Teddy today! I am so excited to share my thoughts of him! I lost my baby May 2022,(on my birthday). I was devastated. He was months away from his 15th birthday when he passed. You guys did an amazing job creating his likeness! Thank you!