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My daughter bought me one for Christmas of my old dog which was on medication for his heart . His heart lasted until March 17th. Love that I have a replica of the BEST dog ever!!!!! Love & still miss him but my Cuddle Clone helps.

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Nicole Böttjer
Wie echt

Jetzt habe ich meine verstorbene Angelina immer zum anfassen! Am 06.März 2017 zwei Tage vor ihrem 10. Geburtstag mussten wir schweren Herzens Angelina wegen einem Darmverschluss einschläfern lassen.😭 Dankeschön an Sie und Ihre Künstler. Wo ich sie gestern ausgepackt habe, kamen bei mir Freudentränen, weil sie so echt aussieht!🥰😭
Mit vielen herzlichen Grüßen Nicole

Vielen Dank für deine netten Worte, Nicole! Wir sprechen Ihnen und Ihrer Familie unser tiefstes Beileid zum Tod von Angelina aus und hoffen, dass der Plüschklon Ihnen so viel Trost spendet!

Had a remake done and they were very helpful and did great!

I ordered a song bird replica so I am sure it's not the usual order. It first arrived with with a few missed details but I contacted customer service, talked with Marvin who was great and placed a reorder. It is much better and am very happy with the finished result. Still a little pricy but over all glad I have clone of one of my favorite birds! TBH I would have spent much more than this in bird seed over a year. Maybe next a chickadee :)

We are so happy to had such a great experience with our Customer Experience representative, Marvin! Thank you so much for your kind words and we are esctatic to hear that you love your plush clone!

Lola (Darcy)

I purchased a cuddle clone for my sister when her dog Lola died. When she got it she cried because it looks exactly like her beloved baby and she loves it so much. Thank you!

Hi Amber!!
Thank you for your feedback, we hope the Plush Clone of Lola brings your sister so much comfort. You are an amazing sister and we appreciate your words.
- Cuddle Clones Team!


Lost my sweet Echo to feline leukemia at just age of 7. Cuddles clones did so well replicating it. Even my other cat was confused if it was real! Thank you cuddle clones for bringing my girl back.

Hi Allie,
I'm so sorry about the passing of Echo! We hope our clone can bring you some comfort and keep the sweet memories alive.
We are here for you and we appreciate your wonderful feedback.
Cuddle Clones Team!

Perfect beautiful gift

The bag is beautiful and the likeness perfect! I can't recommend enough! This is a wonderful gift for a pet parent.

Thank you so much for your kind words, Lori! We are ecstatic to hear that you are loving your Custom Pet Tote Bag!


We absolutely love our bobble head from Cuddle Clones! We sent them a few photos of Layla from different angles and they did such an amazing job! All of her markings were perfect and it looks just like her. It’s the coolest little keepsake to have of her and I love keeping it on my desk and getting some happiness while I’m busy with work. So many people have complimented it and ask where it’s from!

Thank you so much for your kind words, Keri! We are so happy to hear that you love your Custom Dog Bobblehead of your sweet pup!


I lost my sweet Minnie earlier this month at age 17 and purchased a Cuddle Clone so she could be by my side forever. The company did such an AMAZING job with her likeness - she’s absolutely perfect. Manuela, who I spoke to via email, was an angel. Thank you for soothing my heart a little.

Hi Maggie,
I'm truly sorry for your loss. Pets bring so much love and joy into our lives, and it's devastating when they're no longer with us.

It's heartwarming to hear that your Cuddle Clone has brought you comfort and a way to keep your beloved Minnie close. Cherish the memories you shared with her. We are happy to see that you were satisfied with our service as well.

Lots of love,
Cuddle Clones team



Hi Emily,
We appreciate this amazing feedback and 5 stars.
Thank you for being part of the Cuddle Clones family.
- Cuddle Clones Team!

Custom Bobblehead

This bobblehead is so silly and cute! It’s a great addition to my office and whenever I look at it, it makes me smile despite not wanting to work! It’s such a good replica of our dog too!

A Lost Friend Returned

I just wanted to say, whoever made my cuddle clone exceeding my expectations beyond belief. My mare came down with sand colic and I, at only 17 had to make the decision to put her down, and it has been the toughest thing. My mind immediately said I needed two things, a weighted blanket and a cuddle clone. I waited, a little excited and a little nervous, and when she finally came I broke down into tears, it was my Sapphire again. This company is amazing and I whole heartedly recommend them as they do fantastic work. Thank you, cuddle clone.

Custom Dog Bobblehead
Krystle Diaz
Most Adorable Bobblehead!

We love our bobblehead of our Zellie girl! It looks just like her. My daughter loved it so much she had to place it on her car dash right away! Cuddle clones never disappoints.

I absolutely love my bobble head!!!

The clones are big and great but if you’d love a smaller version that is portable and really really cute then a bobble head is perfect! I love the size so much and how cute they are! My Shelby turned out amazing!

In loving memory of my Napoleon

Thank you so much for my grumpy looking little Napoleon! I love him so much. A few details aren't quite spot-on (how much fur around his neck, the white between his eyes and along his snout), but apart from those, he is perfect to me. Especially his unique and beautiful bunny teeth! I am so happy I took the gamble and ordered a Cuddle Clone. My Napoleon passed away last year at 16 years and 8 months old. I know nothing can ever truly measure up to him, but having this Cuddle Clone of him makes me so unbelievably happy. He also arrived weeks earlier than expected! Thank you x

Love it!

Beautiful made! So happy with this cuddle clone of our sweet Australian Shepherd girl Zoey. Its very realistic. Definitely worth the money! Thank you Cuddle Clones!

Thank you so much for your kind words Astrid! We are ecstatic to hear that we were able to create a Plush Clone of your sweet pup Zoey!


We got a plushie made of our cat who just recently passed away. The face isn't very accurate, but the rest of the body is pretty good. We showed the plush to our other cat, she was kind of scared and first and thought it was a real cat! It didn't take very long for her to warm up to it. I think it has actually helped her get some closure about what happened to her sister, she spends a lot of time laying around it and even sleeps next to it sometimes. I'd say it was definitely worth it.

I'm truly sorry for your loss. Pets bring so much love and joy into our lives, and it's devastating when they're no longer with us. We are so happy to hear that you are happy with your order! Thank you for being part of the Cuddle Clones family.

Have an amazing day,

My Sweet Sully

I received my Cuddle Clone on Monday, 8/14 and when I opened the bag, I was absolutely stunned by how much the clone resembles my lovable Sully.
Everything was perfect! I am extremely impressed by the amazing work Cuddle Clones created! My beautiful Sully went to Rainbow Bridge on March 29, 2022 and it's been so difficult not having him with me. Thanks to the people at Cuddle Clones, I am so happy to have an exquisite replica of Sully! Thank you so much Cuddle Clones, for giving me a wonderful, perfect clone of my dog. I am going to treasure this clone forever!

We are so happy to hear that we were able to create an amazing likeness of your lovely pet through our Plush Clone! Thank you so much for your kind words and for being part of the Cuddle Clones family.

Have an amazing day,

In Memory

I recieved my cuddle clone today, as a gift, a few weeks after the love of my life passed. I knew Brindle would be somewhat diffifult but couldnt be happier. Having this gives me some comfort after Brodys passing. If youre wondering if you should get one, this is your sign. Thank you Cuddle Clones.

We are so glad that the Plush Clone you received is giving you comfort during this time since the passing of your sweet pup. We send you and your family all of the love and sympathy for the passing.

I cried

You never know about how this kind of things are going to turn out. I was prepared for perhaps the not so good results. I even had my husband open the package in the other room. With anticipation my husband brought him out and the first thing I did was grab him and I cried. It was like seeing my Drake again. I'm so impressed. He's beautiful.
Cuddle Clones customer service was great. The artist did fantastic job on him.
Thank you Cuddle Clones.

Thank you so much for your kind words, Julie! We feel so great knowing that our customers find comfort in our Plush Clones to keep the memory of their sweet pets alive. We send you and your family our deepest sympathies for the passing of your pup Drake. We hope the Plush Clone will help you during this time.

Love my Cuddle Clone

I received my Cuddle Clone a few weeks ago. I am sooo happy with the results. I lost my fur baby, Joey, a couple months ago. He was a special part of my life. I wanted something special to remember him by. I was VERY happy with the amazing customer service. Very happy with this purchase.

We are ecstatic to hear that we were able to capture your sweet pup Joey through our Plush Clone! We here at Cuddle Clones send you and your family our deepest sympathies for the passing of Joey.


I really love the clone of my beloved dog

We are so glad to hear that you love the Plush Clone of your sweet pup, Milena!

Exceeded expectations and beyond!

After losing my dog of 16 years, I was looking for some comfort and something to help me and my family through the loss. I have to admit I was worried because my dog is a mixed breed with very complex markings. But whoever made my cuddle. Clone has clearly taking so much time and care and put so much effort into getting it right which I appreciate so much. One of my family members actually thought weed had the dog taxidermied LOL. It looks so much like him it’s unreal and from the corner of your eye you would think it was him. Thank you so much cuddle clones I would 100% recommend and it’s worth the money..

We are so glad to hear that we were able to create perfect clone of your sweet pup for you and your family! We send our deepest sympathies to you and you family for the passing and we hope the Plush Clone will help keep your memories alive of your sweet pup!


We were very impressed with the clone of Baku. They did a very good job on making him. He looks identical to the real Baku. Everyone that has saw the clone is in awe of the exact likeness. So yes, we are beyond grateful for our cloned Baku. Thank you so much team for all the hard work you put into duplicating our Baku.

Thank you so much for your kind words, Sherry! We are so glad to hear that we were able to create such a likeness to your sweet pup Baku!

Great gift

I got 2 of these for the 2 ladies lost a pet and they both loved them

We are so glad to hear that - thank you for your kind words and we hope your friends enjoy the canvases to remember their sweet pets!

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Ginny King aka Virginia King
Rudy D King

Cuddle clone produced a beautiful duplicate of our 15 yr old pup. He was the best sweet and funny dog and was a joy to travel with. Rudy went to the rainbow bridge in May and we were devastated. I saw this ad for Cuddle Clones and could not resist ordering one. We are so pleased with the work put into our Rudy and simply loved it! I am sure we will enjoy it for a very long time. Thank you Cuddle Clones for your product.

Thank you so much for your kind words, Ginny! We are so glad to hear that you love the clone of your sweet pup Rudy! We send you and your family our deepest sympathies for his passing.