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I got my cuddle clone today. I was beyond amazed at the quality and how much it looked like my Joy kitty. I am so greatful to the team that worked on my plush. My cat evey loves it. If I could give a higher rating I would. So worth the price. Thank you

Precious Likeness

I love my cuddle clone. It looks so much like my Jaq down to her little bald spot on the top of her head. It took a while to get used to seeing it. At first I'd get freaked out that there was a dog on my coffee table or my work desk. Got two more precious fur babies and will get cuddle clones of them too!

Exceeded expectations

Cameron and I were a dynamic duo for almost seven years when he was diagnosed with heart failure. I took him to the cardiologist, got him on some medication, and adopted a feline brother to keep him company. We got to spend two more years together before he left me at the beginning of May. He was my whole world and I wasn’t ready to say goodbye.
I just wanted him back so badly I took the risk of ordering a cuddle clone and I’m glad I did. Cuddle Cameron is such a good likeness and hugging him is almost as good as the real thing.
If you are missing your fur baby, this is a great way to keep them present. I’m grateful for the attention to detail and the respect the cuddle clone team showed my sweet boy.


I am so pleased with my Cuddle Clone. The team has done a wonderful job. They took a lot of care to get my girl perfect, including emails requesting more details and photos.


I recently lost my baby so I was looking for a way to feel like he’s around still and cuddle clones did an amazing job and I can keep his memory alive. It was realistic and done very well. I put on one of his jackets and it feels like he is still with me ❤️❤️

Perfect memorial

Our first dog ever passed away 2 months ago and his absence has been so hard. I saw Cuddle Clones on an Instagram influencers page shortly after he passed and decided to order one. It’s so well done - the design team got the coloration and texture of his fur just right! Even his tail and the shape of the back of his head are on point! When I sent a picture over to some friends they thought we got another dog that looked like him! Thank you Cuddle Clones for this beautiful memorial of our beloved boy!

Cuddle clone is perfection!

I ordered a standing version of my red heeler (cattle dog). It is so lifelike that my dog was scared to death of it when I placed it on the floor. She loves stuffed animals, but this one looked too real for her taste. Thank you for doing such a fabulous job of creating this cuddle clone!

The best memorial gift for a pet

I didn't know what to expect when I ordered my mom's recently passed away dog Zoey. It was almost TOO realistic when opening the package, it looked like our dog completely. Completely recommend cuddle clones.

Wow can't wait

Can’t wait to order next year

You Created the Perfect Memorial Gift

I ordered a Cuddle Clone for my friend who had recently lost her best friend. I will let her comments speak for themselves in the pictures below. I can’t thank you enough for capturing a very special puppy who had a terrible start to life but was given the most amazing family ever who now have a precious memory because of you all. Please give my heartfelt thanks and love to everyone who helped create “Teddy Bear”.

Golf Club Headcover
Lisa Turley

There are two things my husband LOVES more than life itself and they are GOLF & HIS GIRLFRIEND that being Lucy his dog. I order this golf cover never expecting to much. After the process of hijacking photos from his phone and waiting 6-7 weeks for delivery. The day came and boy was it something. He opened the package and was so surprised along with his girl Lucy. She immediately growled and jumped atop the ottoman to see what it was. My husband couldn't believe what he was seeing. All's I heard was that's my GIRLFRIEND!!
I was SO PLEASED at the REMARKABLE job they did making this cover. It is so life like all the way down to the dogs freckles on her nose. I was shocked at the level of detail that Cuddle Clones put into this product. The reaction is "how'd they do that??" LOT"S OF TALENTED DESIGNERS there. Cuddle Clones customer service is OUTSTANDING. They keep you up to date on what stage of production you item is in and contact you with any questions or additional pictures needed to get it just right. I would and have recommend this company to every pet lover I know and I will order more of there other products.

JOB WELL DONE CUDDLE CLONES & A HUGE THANK YOU to all who worked on our girl "I LOVE LUCY"

All the best,

Best gift EVER!

My soul mate animal passed away 6 weeks ago, and my sister gave me this cuddle clone as a remembrance of him. It was the sweetest, most thoughtful gift ever, and I cried when I received it because it felt like looking into my boy’s eyes again. Everyone who has seen the clone has remarked about how amazingly it looks like the real animal. All the details were exquisitely done, and my sister said the customer service was excellent. She received it quicker than expected. She was told 8 weeks, but it only took 5. She was regularly informed of the progress, and the people who communicated with her were very friendly and professional to deal with. Every time I walk into the room, I am startled by the likeness, and my heart smiles every time I see it. Thank you to Cuddle Clones for this beautiful keepsake of my sweet boy. I will always treasure it.

The perfect gift

We lost our beloved pup of 13 years just a few months back. I can’t thank Cuddle Clones enough for the care and attention to detail they put into creating our dog. My wife happy cried several times and it brings us so much joy. It’s like he’s back home watching over us. Absolutely recommend it to anyone on the fence about having one made. Thank you again Cuddle Clones

In honor of 1 year

I got clones made of my husbands favorite dogs Rowdy and Chester he had tattoos on his arm. He was killed on his motorcycle June 11, 2021 this photo commemorates one year, the roses from his garden, his classic car and his favorite dogs. Thank-you


When I ordered this off line I never imagined it would turn out so amazing and the help team was so good helping me along the way with some extra information to make this as close to her as possible and they did it I hope my mom loves it as much as I did when I seen it

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Richard Brocato
My Harley Boy Plush Clone is Amazing!

My Harley Boy plush cone is amazing! It makes me smile every time I look at him. The number and type of required poses of my pup gave a good representation of what Harley Boy looked it. My finished plush clone very closely resembles my pup. Family and friends that knew Harley, the first time they see him are astonished how well Cuddle Clones captured the look and markings of my pup. I love how the furs feels on his back when I pet him. Thank you for immortalizing my sweet Harley Boy.

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Jacqueline Bell
Shetland Sheepdog Cuddle Clone

There is a standard shape/body that each breed has. But each dog is an individual coming from its own genetic makeup. Some Shelties look like they are part Pomeranians and some the more sturdy Collies. You can't just take something off the mold shelf and then spray on features. But the artist can only do so much with the stock available to her. I would have preferred smaller ears and a profile that doesn't look like a sausage but with a bit of bending and brushing, this Cuddle Clone of my Sheltie came close. Much of it has to do with angle. As you can see it is on the sofa. On the pillow next to it is a photo of my Sheltie. Pretty darn close as possible considering what elements the artist had to work with. The more I look at it, the less I see individual faults but in an entire view a few feet away, it looks like him which is comforting (I cried when I held it)..thanks

Looks just like her!

My sister had to put her service dog down who she had for almost 8 years. It tore her to pieces so I decided to order her a cuddle clone of her. They made and shipped her faster than I expected. But once I opened the package, her face looks exactly like hers, they got her expression correct with her eyes. The freckles on her nose and everything. I can’t wait to give her to my sister for her birthday! Oh I am a returning customer, I’ve ordered one of all the pets I have or have lost. Love Cuddle Clones! They do an amazing job at capturing your pets looks and recreating them into a cuddly plush.

Pepsi was my world and I was her world. We were inseperable. Her cuddle clone helps with the greiving process for me after losing her. Thank you.

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
I couldn't believe it!!!!

I had to put down my 15year old female on May. 2nd and she was my everything, she was my world. When I lost her I lost a piece of myself, so I ordered a cuddle clone so I could have her back, and when I opened it I couldn't help but cry, I was so happy to have my princess back. They did a awesome job getting all her details. CLONE I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR BRINGING MY PRINCESS BACK TO LIFE.. R.I.P JADE

Love him!

We lost our precious Sam a few weeks ago and today received his cuddle clone. We are so happy with him. He looks just like our Sam. They even included his cataracts. A precious keepsake for us.

Turned out great I love it

Had to have my best boy put down unexpectedly, thank goodness I had all those pictures of him in my phone. It turned out great I love it. I put his real collar back on the clone he looks great. Thank you cuddle clones

Almost a life-sized replica!

Unfortunately lost my dog to cancer recently, so I ordered a cuddle clone of him. He looks really great and they even included my request of making him sploot! The hair is a bit scratchy to me, but otherwise he’s perfect. Very recommended.


Didn't have the highest hopes when I ordered this for my mom. But we were both mind blown when it showed up. The attention to detail was amazing. People thing it's my moms old dog when I show them pictures. Would 100% recommend. The only downfall was the black on the lip went all the way down on the dog and on this one looks like a mustache. Small ignoreable detail for how good this turned out.

Love my clone

My clone of my sweet princess Diana sits next to my bed. Having her by my bed helps me to get through the loss of her.