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Awesome Re-do!

I received my Cuddle Clone and wasn't 100% happy with the way the head turned out. Cindy was amazing to work with and took all my notes into consideration when crafting the new clone. It is absolutely beautiful! A true work of art.

Stunning Resemblance

Couldn’t be more pleased with your designer’s re-creation of our beloved pet - coloring & texture of fur so resembles her it could well be a “ clone” - Perfectly designed - worth every penny - captured her “ essence”! Thank You!

Over the Moon happy

: I am so pleased with your work. GaoXing was 11 and his daughter When Ti is 10. They sleep together and we’re always together everyday. When I got him in the mail, I put him in his bed and she cuddles with him every day. I think because it looks just like him. It is like he is still here for us both. Thank you so much.

Cutest masks

What can be better than having soft comfortable masks to wear that have your own puppy's faces all over them! It's like having them with me all day!!!

Golf Club Headcover
Tyler Whitcomb
Great addition to celebrate my best friend

Love this, and would order it again.

Better Than Expected!

I took a chance on ordering a golf club head cover, and it seemed a little pricey. However, after I received it, I love it more and more everyday. Worth every penny. This is a great way to keep your best friend close by, even after they are gone. I am now able to play golf with my best buddy right over my shoulder. Great thing is... I don't have to feed it or clean up the slobber! : )

Ordered a Third Pair!

I enjoy these pajamas so much I ordered a third pair to match the third mask I bought. Weasley (left) is on the pajama top and Potter (right) is on the pajama bottoms. I really recommend getting some if you haven't already!

We are SO very happy with our new "Sammy"! My husband and I have found a calming feeling with this rendition of her. And the likeness is uncanny. Our other animals also enjoy "her". They have licked and nuzzled her many times.
Thank you for helping us heal after losing an integral part of our lives

A tribute, not a copy.

I received my cuddle clone of my late girl Granger a few days ago and have waited to review while I mulled over my feelings on the clone. I'm genuinely impressed by the airbrushing work on the body; while a touch too light in shades (mostly grey and beige instead of black and brown in color), the "texture" and appearance is honestly pretty spot on. The pattern of her fur is so nicely and accurately replicated. The real issue for me is in some of the smaller details. The ombre on the face isn't really right, the inside of the ears are the wrong color, there was some odd extra fur on her ears that wasn't on her in real life, and the tail's too long. Overall, I feel like this clone is about a 6/10 in terms of how much it physically represents my girl. I may make some adjustments myself that get it closer to a 7-8/10, which I have decided is a reasonable amount in terms of looking as close to my cat as a stuffed animal can really manage. I feel like not as much attention as could have been given was given to my clone in the production process, but I also think it's an amazing job for what's been done and I'm genuinely impressed and thankful. Having a tribute to my baby that I can see and touch has been such a milestone in my recovery from her loss; it's so comforting to have something of her that can offer physical and visual comfort. It helps fill some of the void that her unexpected and painful absence has left in my home. ❤️ I'm genuinely happy to have my clone, little differences and all, and will probably be willing to order again in the future when the time comes for my other fur babies.

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Mrs melanie kilsby

I had my cuddle clone delivered today of my dearly loved bagpuss who passed away just before Christmas. I was amazed at the detail and quality of her and her eyes are perfect. The house always feels empty without her and my cuddle clone has changed that she is now back on the bed her favourite place. I was kept up to date with how the making of her was going and will be ordering other products

Golf Club Headcover
Tara Goodall
BEST Birthday Present Ever!!

I ordered the golf headcover of our precious Daisy for my husband's birthday. The ordering process was so easy and Cuddle Clones contacted me for certain specifications. Delivery was fast and it was so hard to refrain from giving it to him before his official day! He was so excited and LOVED it !! He's a hard person to buy for and this was perfect! He even sent pics to his was a huge win! I would definitely recommend Cuddle Clones to anyone that's looking to give that special gift to someone special. Great service and product! Thank you, Cuddle Clones!!

Golf Club Headcover
michael johnson
Golf Club Head Cover

The head cover of our boy Seamus came out perfect. I constantly get comments of where did I get that from since it is so impressive. It is so perfect that I initially didnt want to bring it to the course but he now joins me for every round. Simply love it and the process to get it created was seamless. Thank you so much.

Custom Pet Art Mug
Sasha Voyts
Good mug

Very good

Our boy Max

Hello to all employees at Cuddle Clones,

I would like to extend a huge thank you for all of you as you did an excellent job on creating a close replicate of our late Maxy Max. I know that we had some issues that needed to be fixed, but you did a great job on those fixes and he looks like the Max that we remembered. We will make sure to let people know the excellent job that you did to create the stuffed animal that we asked for. We will cherish this forever. The staff was very helpful in letting us know the status of the product being made and shipped. Its been a hard 3 months since he passed and this will help in our grieving process and hope to get through this a lot easier. Thank you so much for the best product.

At First Glance, People Think I Got a 2nd Dog

You did a great job recreating Maja, even capturing her eyes perfectly. Her upside down heart on her behind is exact. Maja loves it too but of course she can't play with it. I had to hide it up on a high shelf. Everyone that sees the video thinks it's two dogs and love the concept. I had two chihuahuas that passed before I got Maja at 17 and 14 and I am saving to have them made up as well. Good thing I took a lot of pictures of them.

Thanks again for the good job.

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Vicki Wadsworth
Golf club cover

I couldn’t be more pleased with the timeliness of the order, the quality of the product and the resemblance to my pup. Well Done! I’ll definitely be recommending this to all my golf friends

Suzies cuddle clone

Super cute amazing and adorable her Fur is a little more red but Suzie loves it but also scared of it little larger than she actually is but it’s perfect. Also got it a lot earlier than it was supposed to come, didn’t even pay for earlier timing! Great great great!

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Julianne Barclay
Blown away

I can not tell you how happy I am with my cuddle clone. The likeness to my beautiful pooch is amazing. Literally worth every penny. I love her so so much. Thank you cuddle clones!


You guys did a excellent job on my male shih tzu .We really like it.


I absolutely love my cuddle clone! The markings are spot on! Thank you so much!

Golf Club Headcover
Kathy Murchison
Love It

My Cuddle Clone was a present. I posted the picture below and was asked multiple times if we had gotten another puppy. I cherish it because we lost our 14 year old Shih Tzu, Gracie, in June. Thank you for the memory!

Golf Club Headcover
Pam Smariga
Golf covers

Love them! We’ll worth the $

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Shelley Breedlove
They even captured elements I forgot to mention!

The detail and attention that went into the creation of this clone was so much more than I anticipated. They not only matched the crossed paws of her front legs (which I asked for in special instructions), but the wonky angle of her back legs, and the stumpiness of her tail, which was partially amputated when she was younger. Our girl has osteosarcoma and is not long for this world, so I took a chance on having this clone created, hoping it would do her justice and help preserve a small element of this dog we love so very much. I am so glad I ordered! Thank you, Cuddle Clones, for the effort and attention you obviously put into every order.

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Debbie Hemschoot
Absolutely Gorgeous, just like Madison

I lost my gorgeous 15 1/2 yr old yellow labrador,Madison, just over a month ago. I had considered in the past ordering a cuddle clone, but wasn’t sure if they could truly capture what a beautiful girl she was. Well when I received my cuddle clone, I was thrilled with the beautiful
replica I received. At a first glance, you would think you were looking at a real dog. Thou I have felt her presence since her passing, coming home and seeing your product sitting on my couch is heartwarming and has made me so happy that I ordered from you. Highly recommend cuddle clones.

We have our Ari back

We experience the heartbreaking loss of our fur baby Ari. His Daddy found Cuddle Clones and requested them to make a replica of Ari with a tummy pouch for his ashes. The first version wasn't quite right and the recreated Ari. Attention to detail was great and he now travels with us when we leave the house. We miss our fur baby Ari and are glad to carry his ashes with us in his clone.

Thank you for all your attention to detail,