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Based on 6205 reviews
Best thing ever

It’s the best I’m buying two more

Brought me comfort

My 15 year old kitty passed away and I was feeling so lost without her. I purchased a Cuddle Clones of her and I've been able to sleep a little better. It looks just like her and I couldn't be happier with the quality.

Golf Club Headcover
Vickie Ramirez
Driver (golf Club) cover

It was the most amazing item! It looked just like my dog! I could not believe how close they came! I was incredibly happy! Best gift ever! I would give this company a 10++++++++++++++++++

Custom Pet Portrait
Katelyn Watkins
Love this!!

This portrait is so cute!! they did an amazing job making it look like my Chai. The frame is so high quality too!

Excellent work

Overall, I’m very happy with my Mikey clone. There are some differences but he is very realistic. It helps me with the grief process

A precious memory

Having the feeling of hugging your pet when they are no longer there is comforting

Loved it!

It was a gift for my sister and she absolutely loved it

Custom Bobblehead
Jane Valencia
Look Alike Bobble Head

Rue is a mix of Staffie, Husky, GS and a bit of bull dog; CC was able to capture her beautiful traits to a tee. We love it!

I love it

I love it so much. Lovely and beautiful.

My Babygirl

My baby passed away October 22,2023. She would have been 12 years old January 1st. I miss her so much and needed to be able to hold and hug her. Cuddle Clone did a fantastic job getting all her colors right and body and face right it looks exactly like her. Thank you so much Cuddle Clones<3

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Daniell Sanchez
Love my Cuddle Clone.

They did an awesome job getting the likeness of my sweet boy. They paid special attention to every detail.

I love my Clone!

My dog was diagnosed with cancer, so I wanted a cuddle clone while he was still here. The process was very thorough. They emailed for extra pictures and were very communicative throughout the process. I appreciate the time that they took, because it is PERFECT. I will be getting another one for my other furbaby.

Truly a clone

My dog of 17 years recently passed and I received a cuddle clone as a gift. This clone is exactly my dog. I cried when I received this. I cherish this cuddle clone because it reminds me of my dog, Penny. I keep it sitting in her bed. 🥰 A wonderful and great product.

Custom Pet Portrait
Krystle Diaz
So perfect!

We love our portrait of Zellie so much! The details are amazing and it really captured how she truly looks!

Glad I purchased my Cuddle Clone

I bought this for my daughter because I know how much her kitty meant to her. She watched him be born and they grew up together. Houdini passed away a few years ago, he was a unique Ragdoll, so I thought this would be the perfect gift for my daughter. I was right, she opened the gift and she cried and held him. They did a pretty good job making him, the coloring on his body is a great match and we were very impressed. He even has a sewn in tag with his name on it ❤️. I have a feeling, by the time my daughter is a little old lady, she will have a collection of Cuddle Clones looking like all of the pets she will have through her lifetime.

Custom Bobblehead
robert long
Bowie the bobblehead

My dog Bowie is a RARE breed, (catahula leopard) catahulas often have buityful coats but complex, cuddle clones captured my dogs essence perfectly! They matched his coat, his eyes, his ears, his tail perfectly.

I have my best friend back to hold

I received my Luke today, I am amazed how perfect he is, from his belly hair to his ears to his tail. I hug him and feel I’m hugging my Luke again. Even the texture of his hair feels like Luke’s, THANK YOU CUDDLE CLONE❤️

Grandfather is confused who is real!

Made for a lovely gift as my grandfather will be moving to assisted living soon and cannot take his beloved pet. This will not be able to replace his pet (who will still be coming for plenty of visits!) but we hope will bring him comfort.

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Natalie Paladino
Well worth it.

I love my Cuddle Clone of my soul dog, Cooper James. I spent 14 years with this little guy and I am heartbroken and lost without him. My Clone is helping me navigate my way through the grief and he looks so much like my boy it is amazing. Thank you Cuddle Clones.

Customized Bobblehead
John Brandquist
Our Winny Clone

Purchased a full size Clone god my wife and 2 bobbleheads for our grandkids. While I expected my wife to love the full size clone which she does, rack of our Grand children also loved their bobbleheads. One took her with her when she went back to college while our grandson has his on his desk while at work. I found the bobbleheads to be adorable so I ordered a third one for my wife.

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Samantha Hughes

The detail is amazing and the plush looks exactly like my dog we lost. I even had a request for them to color my dogs ears pink since I would always color her ears pink and they did a wonderful job replicating it.


Words can’t even explain how perfect this is. Colors? Perfect. Shape? Perfect. The way the legs are positioned just like his? Perfect. I absolutely love my plush cuddle clone of Potato, my blue tongued skink. It couldn’t be better than it is!

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Alisha E Wallace
My baby

I’m so incredibly happy with my cuddle clone. I had to say goodbye almost a year ago and it’s just wonderful to be able to see him in 3D

There are instances I forget he’s not real

Well anticipating the inevitable I purchased this Cuddle Clone for my girlfriend about two hours before her dog passed away. I had to go through all of my girlfriends Facebook pictures she had with her dog Hoon to get every picture required and it’s wasn’t easy, but in the end it was all worth it. I mean there are times I go over my girlfriend’s place and I walk in and her Cuddle Clone is standing on the bed and for a quick second I forget that it’s not real. Cuddle Clones really did a great job at capturing many of his characteristics and even when I stare at Hoon clone at times it really looks like him, my girlfriend loves him, it has definitely been a great comfort to her. Thanks again for providing this beautiful service for pet mourners.

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Kenneth R McClamrock/Renee Spry
Hachi the Rottweiler

He was amazing! Hachi was so realistic! We could have walked over to me. The quality of the materials are awesome. Best gift I’ve ever been given. Thank you Cuddle Clones