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Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Marie frangipane
Comfort and Cuddled Friends Forever

My Luigi arrived, surprisingly, in a short amount of time. Attention was paid to details I had requested...and he is as soft, comforting, and cuddly as my my dear LUIGI was. I purchased one for my daughter as well as myself.
THESE ARE MY LUIGI AND MARIO CUDDLE CLONES. They grew up together. And are now forever together ❤.


My best friend and her mom got this blanket made for me for my birthday and i LOVE it!!

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Catherine Fairbanks
RIVER- Australian Shepherd Red Merle Female

We were in awe how well our "River" Cuddle Clone turned out. It is a beautiful keepsake indeed.
The material used on our particular Cuddle Clone actually felt like our dogs fur. I would recommend Cuddle Clone to anyone who would appreciate a really unique treasure.
Thank you kindly to all the artists involved.
Douglas and Catherine Fairbanks

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Kimberly Marshall
My.... Cuddle Clone doggies

So happy with my Cuddle clones. I ordered 4 in total. They are all so perfect in likeness to my doggies. Even the personality is captured in their cuddle stuffed faces. Cuddle clones offers wonderful customer service, shipping, and artistic ability of the artists that create the Cuddle Clone stuffed pets are so talented. The price for your stuffed pet is well worth the care you see in your finished product to keep. And they donate to animals in need as well. Thank you Cuddle Clones.

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Kimberly Marshall
My.... Cuddle Clone doggies

I am very thankful for the talent, patience and detail each one of you at Cuddle Clones, takes to create amazing stuffed clones of our beloved pets. Your customer service is wonderful. You kept me updated every step of the way, while I waited for my package. And when I received my 4 stuffed doggies, I was truly amazed at the intricate detail put into the color, shape, movement of legs and tail, the fur and markings of each pet. Even the personality is captured in their faces. They are worth every penny spent. Your artists are very talented. And to top it all off, you give to the welfare of animals in need with your donations.
Thank you so very much. I LOVE my Cuddle clones.

Golf Club Headcover
Linda Grasso

Love it! It is so much fun to have a golf head cover of my favorite grand-dog. I get so many compliments!
When your golf game starts to go bad it’s nice to have your “pet” close by to bring a smile.

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
McKenzie Roberts
Amazing! Very happy

We just got our Teddy home today. Very please with the details and hard work put into our girl. I know they are pricey but for what they put into this animal is SO worth it. Very pleased and will buy again.

I am overwhelmed by the likeness to my pet!

I lost my sweet dog Ruby in June. It’s always so hard to lose a beloved pet. I was not ready to say good-by to her. I decided to have a cuddle clone made in her likeness and I received it just a few days ago. Oh my goodness, it took my breath away! My cuddle clone looks just like my Ruby! It comforts me so much to hug her and have her little clone near to me in bed. My advice to others is to order one of these, but give lots of photos of your pet from all angles and tell about any special features that are important to replicate. They did this for me and I am so thrilled to have my Ruby clone. She is so precious to me. ❤️

Pure joy

I ordered a cuddle clone because my best dog friend Emjay passed away after 14 years. The process was simple, uploading various photos and filling out special instructions. The product I received was beyond anything I imagined! It's a spitting image of my best friend! The artists truly cared about the special details that made my pup unique. This is the real deal, I love it!

Golf Club Headcover
Lindsay Arnold
Pretty good, But keep this in mind if you have a small breed dog!

I have a blue dappled dachshund which I assumed would be pretty hard to replicate because of all his random spots! The artists did a pretty good job though! The only thing I was slightly disappointed in is the golf head cover is HUGE compared to my actual dog. This didn't seem to be the case on other dachshund reviews that I saw pictures of, but definitely is the case for us. Beware if you have a smaller breed dog the head cover might be quite a bit larger than your actual dog, which in turn makes it seem like not a super great replication.

Love it so much

I love my cuddle clone. I lost my baby just little over a week after get my clone, and I really enjoy cuddling it.

Unbelievable work!!

I lost my girl three weeks ago i got this in the mail today i am in complete shock how well this looks just like her. The comfort this has brought to us is highly appreciated we’re so in love!!!! Definitely going to order one of my kitty!


This was a present for Keebo’s Grammy , Keebo has a fb page and Grammy posted a video there but here’s a still photo

Jaxson's Cuddle Clone

CC captured his unique markings and characteristics perfectly! The attention to detail is remarkable. I was incredibly happy when Jaxson's clone arrived; it was well worth the wait!
In the near future, I plan on ordering one of our dog, Jayson (Olde English Bulldog).
I highly recommend gifting yourself or others an original plush cuddle clone!

Golf Club Headcover
Susie Tricarichi
Almost, but not quite my Starsky

I was very excited to see if my golf club head cover would really resemble my beloved Starsky. I can't say it's exact but I guess it's close. At least, I have a golf companion with me every time I take my clubs out. I wish I had the real pup but sadly he crossed over the rainbow bridge back in 2015. What I really appreciate about this company is their dedication to shelter dogs especially since Starsky was a rescue.

Golf Club Headcover
Cortney Heitkamp

The club head cover of our dog was awesome!!!

Super Comfy PJs!

I ordered two pair: one to showcase each of my dreamy boys and to match the masks I purchased at the beginning of the pandemic. I am literally a couple of pair of socks away from being a full-on crazy cat lady, head to toe! These pajamas are VERY soft and comfortable; they may be too warm for sleeping during the summer months, but are ideal for lounging any time of year. If you're between sizes, I'd definitely recommend ordering a size up. I ordered a size up hoping they'd be loose and baggy but they actually fit "just right." The fabric is silky, stretchy, and has a nice weight to it. If you like lounging, you will LOVE these pajamas!!

Keebo the awesome mini kitty

Excellent here’s a link to a video of Keebos Grammy receiving Keebo’s’ cuddle clone

We love it!

A few months ago my daughter and I lost our best friend we had to put her down because of unexplained paralysis. This tore my daughter apart! The same night she found this website, after reading the reviews and looking at the kinds of animals and way you can make them, I knew I had to get one! It took a few weeks but it was worth the wait! It even had her wired hair and her little hair on the top of her head that we called her Mohawk! She loved it and try to cuddle with it as much as she can without our dog with have now getting to it lol! Thank you cuddle clones for bringing our puppy back!

Worth the Wait

Before ordering our cuddle clone for our cat, we already skimmed through the reviews made by other owners here. We noticed that in contrast to dogs, the facial features of cats were not as accurately constructed. However, since we own both a dog and a cat, we understand that cats tend to have a wide range of physical appearances unlike dogs, whether they are crossbred or not. During the ordering process, we could only provide a maximum of 6-8 different angles of our pet, so that the designers can get the most accurate grasp of what your clone should look like (abstract-wise). Furthermore, the lighting, resolution, and the fact that many owners may not have a multitude of different photos of their cat, all greatly affect how the designer interprets the color, dimensions, and the facial features of the cat. This is in part due to the fact that the nose and muzzle on cats are quite small, making it difficult to mold its shape. So, when the designers finalize the face by stuffing and sewing it, it may slightly distort the clone's face. Because we understood this, we were already happy if our cat clone had an overall resemblance of approximately 70%. Including the shipping, foreign exchange rate, and import duty taxes, our order cost us approximately $360 (CAD) in total and we received our package a month later. For a custom stuffed clone of your unique pet, this is a completely reasonable cost.

Fortunately, we were very happy when we unboxed our cuddle clone and we felt that it had an 80% resemblance to our cat. As expected, the facial features of the clone were still a bit off, which you can see in the photo below. We were so grateful that our precious dog thought that her feline companion had finally returned home. We recommend that you mention what color the whiskers and eyebrows on your clone ought to be, since we received white ones, which we were able to re-color using sharpie. The material used to make the whiskers are incredibly limp unlike that of a real cat's, which is one suggestion that we would like the company to be aware of in the future. We were happy that the designers followed our special characteristic request to make our sitting clone at our specified height of the cat and length of its tail. The delicate use of the airbrush created a nice color coating on my clone, giving it the realistic appearance of the undercoat of a real cat. Thank you to everyone at cuddle clones for helping us to reunite with our beloved pet.

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Hailey Santibanez

I got this for a first Father’s Day gift for my boyfriend and I’m so glad it turned out so good with all her little details. He loves it.


I ordered a plush clone for my boyfriend for his first Father's Day as we are expecting a baby boy in September. Rooney, our Frenchie, will forever be our first born son and I wanted to clone him as our human son's first stuffed animal and give it to my boyfriend for his first Father's Day. Cuddle Clones as a company was great to work with and I really love their charitable stance. Knowing that we helped donate to animals makes the price okay but I will say I wasn't 100% in love with the product. The fur isn't very soft at all and the resemblance is vague at best. Maybe I'm being too picky or expecting too much but I would give this a 7/10. I get that they only used photos to create the clone but I was still hoping for better quality all around.

Golf Club Headcover
Julie Soldati
Love it!

I am having trouble not giving my husband his Father's Day gift early!! The kids and I are so very pleased with our golf club cover and we are definitely ordering more items soon. Thank you Cuddle Clones for a smooth process! From ordering to receiving our 'pup clone', everything was an excellent experience. Well done!!

Loved It

I lost my older dog Esme, a Bichon Frise to kidney disease last year and I miss her terribly. I decided to splurge on getting a cuddle clone made of her and I'm so glad I did--they got the details right. It's like Esme has come back in plush form.

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Kim Bulloch Eklund
Absolutely perfect

I cannot get over how perfect my Cuddle Clone of Princess turned out! There was so much attention to detail from her pink nose to her crazy fluffy tail, to her head tilt. Even her fur color is exactly what she looked like including her white wing patches she had on her back. There's already been a few times when I leave the room and come back and I see it out of the corner of my eye and I think it really is Princess. It's like she's still here with us. Thank you so much for all the attention to detail that was put into making her. It is a great tribute to my sweet Princess.