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The Cuddle Clones Chronicle - August 2021

Let’s face it - it’s hard to keep up with everything happening in the news. From breaking scoops to human interest stories and everything in between, it’s no small wonder that so many of us simply can’t keep it all straight. That’s why Cuddle Clones is proud to introduce The Cuddle Clones Chronicle, a brand new monthly round-up featuring news you need to know and pet stories of interest from around the country.

White cat eating a trail of food leading to the food bowl.

Spike in Feline Pancytopenia Prompts U.K. Cat Food Recall

Calling all members of the Cuddle Clones community, be sure to double check your cat food! Over 300 cats in the U.K. have sadly passed away due to a rare illness caused by a toxin possibly present in a number of brands of cat foods.According to Blue Cross for Pets, pancytopenia means your pet has dangerously low levels of red and white blood cells. While there has been no direct link established between the surge of pancytopenia cases and the recalled brands of food, a voluntary recall has been issued nonetheless.Read the full story at ABC News.


Yellow anaconda in the jungle

11-Foot Anaconda on the Lam...Again

For the second time, an 11-foot yellow anaconda has escaped captivity and remains at large in Florida wilderness. Described by its owners as “aggressive”, the snake has thus far avoided capture by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Non-Native Fish and Wildlife Program. The serpent’s owner has been charged with two misdemeanors.Read the full story at Tallahassee Democrat.


Black and white dog running after a ball

Animal Shelters Fearing Surge of Post-Pandemic Pet Surrenders

The pandemic saw a massive rise in pet adoptions around the country, and while we are the first to advocate for adopting a new member of the family, we always stress the importance of making sure you are ready for lifelong commitment. Sadly, with a return to “post-pandemic” life on the horizon for so many people, animal shelters are fearing that pet returns and surrenders could overwhelm their capabilities and resources.Read the full story at Yahoo! News.


Tan dog laying down wearing a support animal vest

11-Year-Old Reunites Seizure Alert Support Dog with Owner

Losing a pet is a devastating experience under normal circumstances. However, when your seizure alert support dog goes missing, the consequences can quickly become dire! This is the scary situation David Barlet found himself in when his support dog Gunter went missing. However, thanks to the heroic actions of a local 11-year-old boy, David’s best friend and epilepsy support dog has returned home!Read the full story at Fox 8.


Flowers of a pink dogwood tree

Pink Dogwood Pays Tribute to Pet Rescue Progenitor

Wrapping up this month’s Chronicle is a heartwarming tribute paid to a local hero. The Waynesville, NC community knows and loves Nancy Bullock, the founder ofSarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation. Since founding Sarge’s, Nancy has rehomed over 11,000 animals and has stood as a pillar of her community. So when Nancy received a diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer, her community came together to show her just how loved she is!Read the full story at WLOS ABC 13 News.


Featured Photo Credit: Photo by Viktoria Alipatova from Pexels

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