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9 Dog Breeds that Shed the Most (and How to Reduce It)

  • 2 min read

While a dog’s fur is important for their survival, acting as a temperature regulator and a sensory device, as well as skin protection, shedding is an important aspect to consider when picking out a new pooch. Shedding is completely normal with any breed, although there are several factors that lie into why some dogs shed more such as hormonal imbalance, allergies, hotter climate and age. In this article, we will discuss the top 9 dog breeds that shed the most and how to reduce it. 

St. Bernard with its tongue hanging out


Beethoven, America’s favorite Saint Bernard movie is admired for the very lovable main character. Although, seeing him on screen is a much less hairy affair. Image source:


Smiling golden retreiver


A goldens’ beautiful locks are wonderful to look at, but if you have one you know you might just be looking at it all over the house. Noted to shed all year long, especially in the summer, you may need to keep that vacuum in an accessible spot.


Chow Chow laying in the grass.


The Chow Chow, referred to as Songshi-Quan in China, literally meaning “puffy-lion dog” obviously can’t be called that without quite a bit of hair. 


Akita laying on a bed


The Akita, the dog with a lineage known for their loyalty and courgage, may have quite a bit of both of their coats.




Black Labrador Retriever with white fur around its mouth


You just might find some hair in your apple pie this summer from one of America’s favorite dogs- the lab.



Siberian Husky standing on rocks beside the ocean


The Husky- “the sled dog” wouldn’t be able to track through all that cold snow without a nice big coat to keep em’ warm.



German Shepherd laying in the grass


Unfortunately, our favorite K-9 happens to be a very hairy hero. 





Alaskan Malamute laying down


While Alaskan Malamutes are high energy and super cuddly, shedding all year long is no surprise with these pups.


Dirty Great Pyrenees puppy


Great Pyrenees are indeed great, including the great amounts of hair that they shed.



While most dogs are bound to shed, as do we, there are a few things you can do to reduce shedding.

  • Scrap the un-nutritional dry foods that are high in grains and start feeding your dog a protein and nutrient rich diet. To see some foods that you are your dog can share together, google “Foods That You Can Share With Your Dog”.
  • Brush regularly, it will help remove the hair that would have fallen out naturally.
  • Introduce Omega-3’s into their diet by adding olive oil or flaxseed oil; by creating stronger hair follicles, less will fall out.
  • Bathe them more often using high quality products. Note that bathing too often will dry out their skin, so about 2 times a month is sufficient for our heavy-haired friends. ​
  • Grooming is most important. By getting haircuts often, these 9 dog breeds will certainly shed less!


That does it for this look at 9 dog breeds that shed the most and how to reduct it! I hope you found this article helpful, and if you love a heavy shedder share their adorable pics with us on social media by tagging us in your photos with @cuddleclones!