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Customer Reviews

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My Sahuba Cuddle Clone brings me so much Joy!!

I am so thankful to have discovered Cuddle Clones right around my dogs passing. Cuddling my boy was the most amazing thing and brought me so much joy. I knew CC would do an amazing job and I'm here to say that they absolutely did!! The second I opened the box and looked inside I burst into tears, the similarities are strikingly similar to my dog, an almost uncanny alike-ness! Cuddle Clones nailed every single detail from his amazing long and thick black fur, to his feathery tail to the white spots on his feet! The way his body feels reminds me so much of Sahuba! I hug and cuddle my plushie all the time and feel so connected to my dog, I truly feel like he is with me. If you are looking for the best way to celebrate your pet, I recommend Cuddle Clones to you!!!
Thank you Cuddle Clones!!

A lovely way to remember a pet who has passed . . .

I was thrilled with the quality and likeness of the Cuddle Clone I ordered after the recent death of my Yorkie, Lila. It looks so much like her! The quality and attention to detail is amazing. I have her sitting on my bed, where she liked to nap. It makes me smile to see "her" there.

Best Purchase I’ve Ever Made

McJagger has a very unique/weird look so I was a little hesitant to get a cuddle clone of him because I just assumed it’d come out barely looking like him. Boy was I wrong!! His cuddle clone looks exactly like him. People were asking me if it was a real dog and if he was up for adoption! Once the cuddle clone gets a little dirty, he’ll be identical to McJagger. Couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, and I’ve already told friends to get one of their fur babies too!

Fantastic !

I’m so happy with my Droopy clone - he’s more realistic than I ever imagined ! My 30 year old daughter looked through my window and thought my cuddly clone was my dog and couldn’t understand why he didn’t run to the door ! Fantastic product , great quality and even got his little quirks spot on !!

My Sweet Roxy - perfection!

My sweet Roxy crossed the rainbow bridge at the end of April 2019. My heart shattered into a million pieces. I found Cuddle Clones later that very day and knew I needed to get a “clone” of my sweet girl so that I could have her with me in spirit. I felt like she deserved a memorial of her that showcased her beauty and how she is now - running young and pain free. I was skeptical, because she’s all white and I figured that would be “easy” to recreate - but no. I was blown away at just how much it really looked like my girl - from the eyes down to her curled “pom pom” tail my American Eskimo sweetie was famous for. Thank you for creating a likeness of my beautiful girl!!

Plush clone

Our dog passed away suddenly and my husband was very heartbroken so as a surprise I got him a plush clone of our dog. He was in love with it when it arrive he said it looks just like her!

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