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How To Take Good Pictures Of Your Pet

We all love to have beautiful photos of our furry friends. However, not all of us are completely sure of what we’re doing behind a camera. Don’t worry; we’ve put together this guide to show you how to take good pictures of your pet! 

How To Take Good Pictures of Your Pet


Luckily for many of us, smartphones make taking quality photos a lot easier. If you own a smartphone, make sure that the AI settings are switched on. This means that the camera will make automatic adjustments to take the best possible photo.

Our top tip for taking photos on your phone is to make sure to focus the camera. Tap on your pet so that the automatic settings adjust the lighting and focus accordingly. You might want to use the portrait setting if you have it to blur the background and bring your pet to the forefront of the picture. 


Photos will always have better lighting and look more professional when taken with natural light. It also makes it much easier for the camera to focus properly and take a clear image. Try to do your pet photoshoot outdoors or in a room with big windows.

Taking a photo with natural lighting will also help you focus on your pet’s eyes and get them sharp. The eyes of an animal hold much of their character, so this is an important aspect for quality pictures.


Small dog in suit clothes and a bowtie posing for a photo.


If you have trouble getting the pet to look at the camera or stay focused during your photoshoot you can try this tactic. When you’re taking the picture, hold a treat or the pet’s favorite toy above the camera lens to encourage the dog to look up at the camera. Our photographer here at Cuddle Clones uses this technique all the time to get awesome pictures of pets and products. 


Our pets are at their cutest when they’re being themselves. An image will be more special if it really captures their everyday life. If you have a playful pet, then try to get a picture of them misbehaving. If they sleep a lot, take a photo of that (this will be an easy way to sneak up on them to get the shot).

All pets are very individual, so photos of them should reflect this. You know your pet best, so you should have a few ideas on the best time to take your picture.


When considering how to take good pictures of your pet, understand taking a quality photo of your pet could take time. They aren’t usually keen to sit still and pose for a photo, so you might have to snap a few before you find the perfect shot. Try to catch your animal just after they’ve woken up. They won’t be so wriggly if they’re sleepy.

Another tip is to surprise your pet with the camera. Have it near you for when an opportunity arises. If you see them looking cute, try to get a picture before they run away.


An excellent tip for photo novices is to try and find ways to frame your image with the surroundings. You can do this either outside or indoors. Try and find strong compositions that already create natural frames, like windows and trees.

You should still look for photo opportunities when your pet is at their best, snap a couple of shots, and then see if anything in the area makes a suitable frame. Remember! You need to focus your camera on your pet, and not draw the eye to whatever you’re using as your frame.



Now you should have all the tools you need to know how to take good pictures of your pet. Either use our tips to improve your own photo-taking, or explore some of the other ideas to create something a little different.

Once you have your perfect snap, why not turn it into something even more special? Look for a site where you can find some great examples of oil paintings created from photos. It’s up to you whether you choose to have a very realistic portrait, or whether you want a more artsy style.

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