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5 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds For Small Apartments

  • 2 min read

There are dogs that fit into big abodes and villas like they were made for it. Dogs that cost a fortune to feed, raise, and groom. But there are other dogs that are not as expensive. They can easily fit right into your small apartment without siphoning loads of cash from you. And they are the ones this article is about. You don’t have to allow your small apartment or your tight budget stop you from getting a loyal companion. Here is a list of 5 low maintenance dog breeds for small apartments that we think you will love. 


Pug peeking out from around the couch

1. PUG

Pugs are small canines that have wrinkly faces and look up at you in cute, lovable manners. Their small size makes it easy for them to waltz around your small apartment without knocking off everything along the way. Pugs have a curious nature and have no problems adjusting to new environments which makes them great low maintenance dog breeds. They are good around humans and don’t bark too loudly. And while some of them like to explore the outside world,  others prefer sleeping and laying around all day long. Overall, pugs are wonderful breeds that won’t cause you a lot of trouble.


Greyhound relaxing on the couch


The lanky looks of greyhounds often make people misjudge the breed as not being known as low maintenance dog breeds. But contrary to this hasty judgment, greyhounds often prefer sticking to the couch. They are not the breed that requires constant exercising and activity. In fact, they are usually never restless. Just give them a comfy couch and you might as well have just made their dreams come true. Greyhounds have short hair so you would not have much grooming to do.


Long haired chihuahua laying down


They are commonly found with celebrities. But don’t be deceived, chihuahuas can also live comfortably on your moderate budget and in a small apartment. These tiny breeds could be troublesome sometimes and naughty around people, but they’re very cute, lovable, and typically require a bed carrier for carrying them around of course. Their short hairs mean you don’t have to spend eternity grooming them. Chihuahuas don’t mind it when you leave them alone at home, as long as they get their healthy share of attention when you return.


Great Dane sitting on a chair


Their size could lead you to think Great Danes are troublesome and not fit for small apartments, but there is hardly a gentler dog breed. Great Danes are comfortable lazing around on your couch. They are also friendly around kids and friends. However, their size can cause strangers to steer clear. This giant but gentle breed doesn’t need a lot of grooming, but it does need a lot of food. Its size should already betray this fact. You would be needing a great vacuum cleaner to pick up shed hair though. 


Daschund laying in a blue bed


Their short legs and long bodies give them a funny look. But they are brilliant, friendly and courageous. These characteristics make them great for small apartments. However, you would be needing a good collar for walks since gaining a few pounds is not a problem for them. In all, dachshunds are cute and perfect for minimal maintenance and small apartments.