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A Comforting Keepsake ❤️

I ordered a Cuddle Clone of our beloved Suki for a Christmas gift to my fiance'. We had a few scares in regards to her health in the past 5 years and in November the vet recommended us medication for her health issue. It didn't look good and we were mentally preparing to say goodbye to her. The medication was like a miracle and we were so lucky to have her with us for a few more months before her health deteriorated so rapidly in January. We could see that she was in pain and suffering and we had to make the most painful decision to put her to sleep in the beginning of February. We miss her immensely and we are so thankful we have a Cuddle Clone of her. I have hugged it for comfort at night and in the daytime we place it on the cat tree for our other cat Mojo. Thank you so much for creating this beautiful keepsake for us.

Joyful Remembrance

I lost my sweet little pug mix Lucy recently. She was the light of my life and her passing has devastated me beyond words. The likeness Cuddle Clones created of her puts a smile on my face and reminds me of the non-stop joy Lucy gave me for more than 15 years. Nothing can replace her, but the cute little Plush Clone has brought me some peace.

In memory of Kay

I purchased a Cuddle Clone for my friend who's dog was tragically killed on Christmas Eve. Kay was more than just special. Kay had been my foster dog and my friend fell in love with her. I was so excited when she adopted Kay at 8 weeks old. I have fostered over 300 puppies and Momma dogs but I don't ever get to see them grow and thrive. I was lucky enough to watch Kay grow and thrive for 7 yrs. She brought so much joy to her family and she had tons of personality. Kay was tragically killed on Christmas Eve and her family and I have been devastated. All I wanted to do was give her back to them. She had so much more joy to bring. Since that wasn't possible I did the best I could and had a Cuddle Clone made of Kay. The process was easy enough that even I could do it and I am a computer idiot! Her family loves their Kay Clone. It's crazy.....Kay's collar and pajamas were a perfect fit! Nothing could ever replace Kay, but it was the best I could do in a horrible situation.

Absolutely Love It!

The job they did on my Cuddle Clone is absolutely amazing! I am so pleased with it!!

Its ok

The face on my cat doesnt lookalike but other then that it does look like my cat.

Love it!

Such beautiful work!
My dog loves it too!