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My husband gave me a plush clone of our dog Casey. He is a unique mix and so is his clone. Beautifully done! We are amazed at the likeness.


cant tell which is which


Absolutely love our mini Biggie dog! Can not believe how well you captured him and his coloring! Very happy customer!!!

Cat clone- similar and fun

I ordered with hesitation because I wasn’t sure if our cuddle clone would be “creepy”. He arrived and is very similar to our cat but I wouldn’t say he is a purr-fect match. My daughter is only 8 and is totally obsessed with our cat... she requested a “stuffed animal that looks just like our cat” for Christmas. I don’t think she will be disappointed. Meanwhile, the cat is wondering why his new brother won’t play with him.

Blonde Raven

I got my plush clone of Raven today and I’m absolutely amazed at how well it came out. It’s so cute just like my sweet sweet Raven. Heck I turn my back and turn around, and for one second I think the plush is the real Raven. I called them the day after I ordered it and had them change the position from sitting to laying down and they didn’t make that change on the plush. But I’m still happy with it. Raven is the most important person in my life and I’m glad to have her in a tangible form for when I need to hug her and she’s not there. Thank you all from Cuddle Clones for the good y’all do❣️❣️❣️

It’s him!!!

I got Panda in the fall of 2003 for my sixth birthday. That cat was my constant through four major moves, all of public school, and my childhood. To say that I loved him would be an understatement. When the plush arrived this afternoon I mentally prepared myself, expecting to see a more toy’ish looking version of my chonky kitty. However I am beyond impressed with how much it looks like him. I’m not the only one who feels that way because my dogs jumped and barked at it like they do with my other cats. I want to hug every single person who worked on him, I cannot begin to thank you all enough. I love my Panda Cuddle Clone so much. 💖