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I cannot believe how much she looks just like my Sami, who I lost in Septemberc2019, iam very satisfied with the result, I keep expecting it to move its so realistic, I feel like she's home with me again! Thanks again

Beautiful momento

Thank you to Cuddle Clones for our adorable momento of our sweet Robbie who went to doggie heaven. I pickup the pocket option and tucked in a lock if his hair. Everyone at Cuddle Clones was friendly and helpful. You can see how hard someone worked on my clone with all the little details.

Nikki 2

This clone looks like my dog Nikki's brother! Perfect clone! Excellent quality.

I Absolutely Love It!

It took me a while to order my dog clone (Maggie) because I wasn’t sure if I wanted her laying down, sitting up or standing. I was very specific on how I wanted my her positioned, the hair length, the tail. I was so lost without her. She was my ESA animal for 15 years. When the box arrived I was so excited! My Maggie was back home! She is a papillon and has beautiful ears. They were made perfect! Her fur colors were perfectly matched. Her tail was awesome! Her face even looks like her! My husband and I keep doing double takes because she looks exactly like our Maggie. There is a zipper on the underside of her where I put her fur from her last haircut. I cried happy tears. Thank you Cuddle Clones!

A true display of your pet

I have a large collection of pug stuffed animals, so this year my husband got me a cuddle clone of our pug, Hurley. I have to start by saying, this is the ultimate gift for anyone who is obsessed with their pet. We took detailed pictures, and wrote specific physical features that he has, and Cuddle Clone captured ALL of them. The cuddle clone, is actually larger than our pug, which I like especially since the level of detail is so high. Originally my husband thought it would be fun for me to pack it on our vacations, since I miss Hurley WAY TOO much. But with the cuddle clone being so high quality, I'd rather keep it in a display case. I plan on purchasing more cuddle clone products. I highly recommend you get a cuddle clone, it is worth the cost. The customer service was always on point as well. Every time I would check the status, an agent would message asking if they could help me. I'd let them know I was just checking on it, and they would give me full details as to what they were working on at that time. I am so pleased with my cuddle clone. <3


I bawled for 10 straight minutes when I opened the package. It's my Scarlett! Her little mouth, she always had a bit of a kind smile and you got it perfect. It's perfect and I'm so happy thank you!!