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  • We make ALL animals - dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, etc.

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Customer Reviews

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beautiful and so life-like!

I knew once I heard about Cuddle Clones that we'd probably get one made in honor of our dear Lily. We knew it would be a momento for whenever she passed and unfortunately that time came at the end of 2020. It was a tough few weeks when she first left and I ordered her cuddle clone while pouring through 14 years of photos. Slowly our tears and grief turned into loving and happy memories of her better days. That is when we received our amazingly realistic little pint sized Lily! It was amazing how well done her body and markings were portrayed. Her fur on the chest and legs and tail could have been real! I tricked family members with some Facebook pics of the clone and they had to do double and triple takes to realize I was not posting old photos of her. My daughter immediately asked to let her "sit on her bed" for storytime, something we only ever did ONCE in her last few nights and it left a lasting impression. It's a joy to have her presence in our house again. Thank you so much to the staff and designers that took the time to make our Lily come to life.

I just received my Cuddleclone and he is awesome!

My heart lurched as I opened the box and pulled out the perfect replication of my dear Pekingnese, Brody. The colors of his fur are perfect and beautiful and it feels so realistic. The face is fantastic with expressive brown eyes and the nose even looks a little wet. I’m very glad that I chose to get the larger size. I think you can get them made to a length of 20” or 22”. Mine is about 17” long. The special features of the Pekingnese breed are wonderfully done and the staff was very helpful in finalizing the details of his appearance. I kind of regret not paying the $49 surcharge to get my Cuddleclone fast tracked in manufacturing, but it seemed like a lot of money at the time. However, it would have helped with grieving during those weeks after he died to have gotten him sooner. But if you don’t feel you can afford it try not to feel bad - you have your very real memories and love. I ordered my clone sometime around Nov. 25th and received it tonight, January 15th, so within the advertised time of around 8 weeks. Being able to have this sit by my side on the couch and pet him like we did before is soooo nice and helpful. Honestly, it feels like having his sweet soul back with me, alive. Cuddleclones, Inc., thank you so much for this wonderful service and product.

“Honey” my beloved chihuahua

This company is the best!!! I have missed my little 4 1/2 pound Chihuahua “Honey” SO much since she passed away on October 19, 2019 of congestive heart failure and on November 29, 2020 I placed my order and I just received her today. I am a VERY happy customer!!! Thank You for bringing my “Honey” back to me❤️❤️❤️

Couldn’t be happier!!!!

I bought my Cuddle Clone as a Christmas gift for my significant other. She’s been saying she wanted one for a couple years but never thought I’d get her one. She had no idea what was going to be in the box and when she opened it I thought she was going to cry. She was ecstatic! And we were both shocked as to how realistic he was. It was a spitting image to him when he was younger. (Which is what I requested) Thank you so much! I will recommend them to everyone. There is no way anyone would be disappointed with one of these. I am very hard to please and have extreme attention to detail. Its just great!
Thanks again sooooooo much!!!!!
P.S. Jedi still thinks the dog in the mirror came to life. Loo

So many people thought I got a new puppy...

Razer is absolutely my heart dog, and I've waited several years before opting to purchase a Cuddle Clone. I didn't expect absolute perfection- there are some spots here and there that I'd add, some adjustment to his main feature, the razor mark on his head. But ultimately? This clone is amazing. They got his eyebrow spots perfect, and gave him a similar expression, and I adore it! I sent the included picture to several people without an explanation, and they thought I'd gotten a puppy that was his mini-me. This was an incredible job, and I appreciate everything about it! I've had to reach out to the customer service representatives a couple of times, and they are beyond fantastic.


Our dog of 12 and a half years passed away at the beginning of December. My whole family was heartbroken. I decided to get my girls a cuddle clone. They final came in today and I was blown away with how realistic they are