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Golf Club Headcovers

  • Customized to look just like your pet!
  • Sized to fit a Driver
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back

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Customer Reviews

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Heaven sent

We ordered the Cuddleclone of Lily, our Jack Russell terrier, almost on a whim. Two weeks after ordering we had to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge. She had been with us 16 years and was our baby, truly our baby. We had had lots of dogs before her but she was the BEST! A human dog. When we received the Cuddleclone today, we both were overwhelmed with emotion. It was HER! She had come back to give us comfort and love. Words cannot express how perfect the reproduction is. We keep thinking we have to go buy treats for her ; ) I don't think I have the heart to put her on my driver and take her to the club. We are going on a cruise soon and I think she may go with us.


I just got the package. When I opened the package, I was very pleasantly surprised. Plush clone is so similar to our dog girl Efrica! Thank you very much.

He was speechless

Bought the golf head cover for my adult son. We had to say good-bye to our beloved rescue Jack after 16 amazing years. He truly was the best dog ever and everyone who met him always said if they could clone a dog, it would be Jack! He was just the sweetest dog and always held a soft spot in my son's heart. My son joined the Navy and was not able to be here when we had to say good-bye and I knew he would miss him forever. When I came across Cuddle Clones I thought it was a perfect gift. Luckily I was able to visit my son with his gift and be there when he opened it. There have not been many times, if any, that he has been speechless but this was definitely one of them. He was so touched that he couldn't look up at me videoing him once he realized what it was. I will never forget this gift or my son's reaction to it. Thank you Cuddle Clones.

Show stopper

I’m the Tournament Coordinator for a golf course in Orlando fl. I am also the proud owner of the smartest GSD I’ve ever had. Her name is Bobby. Cuddle Clone was recommended to me through a golfer at the course. Pictures were sent in and a few weeks later, I am the proud owner of the smartest head cover I’ve ever had lol. Their work is freaky good. EVERYBODY who comes into the pro shop comments on it. Some say it’s too realistic. It’s like your dog died in Game of Thrones and got stuffed. So there is that. A few women thought it was evilly weird, until I showed them a pic of Bobby. Then they were all, “awwwwwe”.

All in all, pro status.

Ha! Great review, Paul! Thanks!
It's so perfect!

Love my new club headcover!! They did such a great job it’s scary!!

My Lou Lou

Had a club cover clone made for my late Louie, Except for the fact it's a stuffed animal, it looks just like him!
It still surprises my wife when she notices my clubs in the corner of the garage!