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Plush cuddle clone

I am in love with the plus it looks exactly like my baby down to the smallest details

We are so happy to hear that you love your Plush Clone, Hoppin!

Close as can be

Matched our son's Boston terrier as best as we could hope for. She was extremely unique with ears that had been damaged by another dog. He is so happy with it. We lost her just a few weeks ago an this is how he wanted her memorialized

We are so happy to hear that you and your son love your Plush Clone, Mayhem!

For a coworker who lost his bestie

I made this mug for a coworker who lost his beloved pet.
Quality is better than expected due to I have a low resolution photo. They made it work. It’s a great gift for someone in remembrance of their fur baby.

Custom Bobblehead
Alina Sanders
Cute Bobblehead

I had both the stuffed animal and bobblehead made in the image of my little guy. Very pleased with the products. Thank you!

Thank you so much for your kind review, Alina! We are so happy that you love your Plush Clone and Bobblehead!


We lost our Lexi less than 6 months ago. This cuddle clone was amazing! To say my daughter was surprised was an understatement. We still shed tears over Lexi being gone but this version of Lexi will help us get through the toughest of days

Basile is come back

A few days have passed since I received the plush and I love it. I couldn't live without it, I put my dog's hair in it and I can't stop cuddling him. I still miss my recently deceased dog enormously, but now I have a bit of him to cuddle.

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
erica burger baillif
A Siamese Princess returns

I love our Sam cuddle clone. It's a welcome to have her back in our lives after losing her to complications of cancer. The artist captured her face pattern perfectly. It looks so life-like that people have to take a second look to be sure it isn't a real cat.

Next best thing

I had to say goodbye to my dog of 12 years, Gulliver, earlier this year. I ordered a Cuddle Clone to help because I miss him so much. They went above and beyond customizing him. He was a 3-legged pitbull and they made the notch in his ear and his tattoo on his underside from when he was neutered. Nothing will replace my best friend but this came pretty close. Gulliver was perfect and my Cuddle Clone is perfect. I cried when I opened the package and being able to hug this helped to fill the missing space in my arms. Thank you to the Cuddle Clones team and especially the designer who helped to capture and recreate my sweet boy.

Thank you so much for your kind remarks, Lisa! We are so happy that we were able to capture your sweet pup Gulliver through our Plush Clone. We hope this brings you some comfort and helps keep your memories with him close to you.


I lost my Princess to heart failure at just 10 years old. She was my little comforter and I loved her so much. They did an amazing job with her.

Awesome, very thorough!

Another perfect Cuddle Clone

This was our second Cuddle Clone and it was just as perfect as the first. We ordered this Cuddle Clone of sweet Bella, a Boxer whom we pulled from the shelter and were planning to foster (or keep?), but who collapsed and died on us just 27 hours after bringing her home. Our whole family was devastated, but especially our daughter, who never got to say goodbye. I knew this would help ease her pain, and now Bella sleeps with her every night, just like our other Cuddle Clone of Jade, who passed away four years ago on Thanksgiving.
They are both absolutely priceless, especially when you're trying to fill the void after the loss of a beloved pet. ❤️ Thank you, Cuddle Clone team, for your attention to detail and the care you put into each project. I recommend Cuddle Clones to everyone I know and will for sure be ordering again!

Attention To Detail!

We were so, so sad to lose our precious Kodi! I was excited to find Cuddle Clones and submitted my photos and placed my order. I was shocked when my order arrived to see the artistic craftsmanship that went into recreating our furry girl! Thank You Cuddle Clones for providing a way we can always remember our very special pet!❤️

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Johnathan Weaver
Just love it!

They did a wonderful job on my Plush Cuddle Clone. Looks just like my big guy. A great memorial to forever remember him. Thank you so much.


I loved it, it was a gift to my mother who lost her dog, and she got extremely happy, she said it looked just like Zelda, and she felt like she got her back. So I'm extremely happy with it.

Wonder company

This company is absolutely amazing. They went above and beyond with the order for my daughter. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a replica of their beloved pet. They have great customers service, thank you Jerome for all of your help.


It looks so much like our sweet gentle giant. We all cried opening it. Highly recommend. Cuddle Clones is a very detail oriented company, and they even messaged me needing another picture so they could get it just right. Love love love it.

Thank you so much for your kind words, Renae! We are so happy to hear that you love your Plush Clone!

Looks like my princess

Good quality attention to details. Received when I was told I would. Also, have quality pictures all angles when submitting your order.
This is not the best picture but if I walk by I can swear she's waiting for me here

We are so happy to hear that you love your Plush Clone, Kenny!

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Replica Raynie

My Raynie girl crossed the Heavenly Rainbow mid October 🌈 😭💔 Her and I had a wonderful adventure filled 15.5 years together, she has been with me through so much...absolutely no one can prepare you for the loss of such a special pet. My biggest wish is that she could have lived longer to be with my two baby girls as they grow. By having this replica, I can keep her memory alive for them. My toddler takes "Raynie" everywhere, it's the sweetest thing. Cuddle Clones did an AMAZING job creating her. Even got her behind the ear crimpies she always had when she had her longer coat. 🤍 I am very pleased with it. Although, it catches me off guard a lot and I feel like I'm seeing my Raynie. 🥲 I truly love it do much.

Absolutely amazing!!

I had this little baby made for a really sweet and dear friend, that had to have her dog put down. It was very heartbreaking to watch her go through this. So having her open her cuddle clone today was a different kind of cry. She absolutely loves it. It looks exactly like her baby. Thank you so much for helping bring a good cry and then a loving smile to her face.

Thank you so much for your kind review, Debbie! We are so happy to hear that your friend loved her Plush Clone and we are sending her our deepest sympathies.

Arnold the Parti Cocker

When I opened the cuddle clone my dog Arnold looked at it. It was like he was looking at a mirror.
I took my Cuddle Clone to a restaurant last night that the clone was not real. Everyone wanted to pet him.
I’m impressed

We are so happy to see that you love your Plush Clone, Teresa! Thank you so much for sharing those lovely pictures!

Amazing work!

Thank you so much for my cockapoo! It looks so much like him. It made me emotional as I much him so much! My husband loved it as well. Thank you!

Thank you so much for your kind remarks, Jose! We are ecstatic to hear that you love your Plush Clone!


We love getting Dumpling back home after missing him ( once he took his wings 🪽 over the rainbow 🌈) . He still sits on the couch arm waiting for us to come in. We love him and his older brother Monty.

We are ecstatic to hear that you love your Plush Clone, Cherie!

Love it!

I bought a bobblehead as a gift for Christmas and am having a hard time not giving it to my hubby early. It looks fantastic! So much so that I’m going to order another one for our other dog. My Lucy on the other hand is not impressed. Lol!

Thank you so much, Carol! We are so happy to hear that you love your Custom Bobblehead!

Fantastic Gift Purchase

I purchased a Cuddle Clone for my friend who just lost her beloved dog. I was so happy when she arrived because the artist did an outstanding job. Imagine how even happier I was when I gave her gift to the recipient and it was met with such emotion and love. She could not stop raving about the details that were added to her. The most important request was to capture her smile. It was perfect and the job was amazing. She looks just like her. Kudos to the artist that created this masterpiece. She looks just like the real thing. Thank you Cuddle Clones!

We are so happy to hear that your friend loves the Plush Clone of her sweet pup! We are sending her our deepest sympathies for the passing of her fur friend.

So cute!

I love my Cuddle Clones! Looks very similar to my darling fur baby. Thank you! I will cherish it forever.

We are so happy to hear that you love your Plush Clone, Alina!