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Memorial Day Sale: Up to 60% off!


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Your artists did a fabulous job and captured Ferguson’s coloring perfectly. I can’t thank you enough. He was my buddy for 19 years and losing him has been hard. This plush softens it a bit.


My daughter recently lost her 13 year old boxer, Bowe. It broke all of our hearts. I had actually already ordered this but had sent it back for some touch ups. We got it back this past week. They did such a good job. They were great to work with. They made it just like I wanted. We gave it to my daughter and her family last night. They all loved it. Their other dog, Obi was trying to get to it. I think he actually thought it was Bowe. 😥

Review part 2…

I just wanted to thank the artists again for recreating my fur baby who recently passed. I love him more & more each day. He truly helps my heart. He looks just like him during his younger days (which are the pics I submitted). I also wanted to thank CC again for outstanding communication before & during his creation. Kindest regards!

It’s absolutely perfect!

My beloved cat, Garfield, has unfortunately passed away this February of old age. I have decided to order a cuddle clone to have a unique memoir of him and to help me cope with the loss. He has arrived today and I am absolutely delighted and too stunned to speak! Frankly, I was tearing up when I unpacked my order because my plushie looks so real - it feels like my beloved furbaby finally came back home to be held in my arms again.
It’s even better than I expected.
Thanks to everyone who was working on my order to make this possible. The attention to detail is immaculate!
It’s definitely worth placing an order if you’re considering it! 🥹🫶🏻

Love it!

I have my bobblehead of my sweet baby girl that I lost last year sitting right below my computer monitor and it makes me smile every time I see it!! It’s so real looking! I absolutely love it!!!


I am absolutely blown away by how much it looks like my sweet boy Chaos. I had to save up for a while to be able to afford one. I received my cuddle clone on a very hard day so it lifted me up so much. I just lost a second cat and received my clone after I picked the ashes. I will save again to hopefully get one for the guy I just lost. My heart is broken again.

Not just for departed pets

I live far away from my Glissa for months at a time. I was really missing her, but when I got my Cuddle Clones Glissa, I felt she was with me again. The artists got everything right. She is primarily black, but has brown paws and a few patches of white. I even did a double take once, thinking it was really her! The hole in my heart was filled and it will tide me over until I can be with her again.

I hold "Murphy", cuddling him and I cry lots of tears and sob into his "fur".

It's 7 months since our near 18 year old Murphy, The Boss, passed away. He's in my every waking moment. We still have our other beloved rescue dogs & cats, but Murphy...His life force was so strong it just felt like a black void in our house without him. The Clone really got his eyes down perfectly; black, sparkling, Irish, lol. As rescuers we've been devastated by dozens of our pets passing. But Murphy was magical, a 60 pound Mutt from the shelter at 3 months old when we adopted him, born on the 4th of July 🐾💔

"Sometimes I Just Can't Wait To Get To Heaven." -- Fannie Flagg, a great writer.


Wow!! 🤩🥲🥹 I'm immediately blown away and so happy with the result of my CuddleClone of my cat Binx. Thank you so much CuddleClones for doing such an amazing job at having the clone look identical to my cat Binx; it is beautiful! 😍🥰
Binx was adopted from my local animal shelter in 2014 when she was 4 years old, she was the best decision my family and I could've made of adopting her, and would make that decision 1000+ times over. She was one of the best parts of my life for almost the last 10 years I have a lot of milestones within that time that she got to go through with me to remember and cherish forever.
Her death was both unexpected and rapid, and was challenging to process all those feelings of grief, and still can be difficult at particular times too, but having at least Binx immortalized visually can help me to continue working through the grief process. She will forever be with me and in my heart, and I cannot thank her enough for choosing me and my family. She will be eternally missed and cherished, forever and always.
Please if you are considering getting one for yourself, a friend, a family member, etc. run don't walk to your photo library to get this; I promise you will not regret it!

Seems too good to be true!

But it is True! Cuddle Clones did an amazing job at replicating my sweet beagle boy Leo, that passed away just a few months shy of his 15th birthday, and I have been fortunate enough to have had him for 15 wonderful years.. Even though he can truly never be replaced, this is the next best thing out there! Thank You Cuddle Clones for being able to make this loss sting just a little less now.

BamBam Cuddle Clone

My BamBam cuddle clone has helped me during this grieving time since he passed on 3/8/24. My cuddle clone is thicker than my BamBam but that's to be expected because he's a stuffed animal. When my BamBam was young, about 4 or 5, he weighed more and was thicker. So my cuddle clone is my BamBam when he was young and healthy. I love my cuddle clone more each day. I had BamBam 16 years so his passing hit me really hard. Cuddle Clones definitely helps. I do highly recommend.

Loved them!!

The team were wonderful! Very communicative and send pictures for any changes needed before shipping out our clones. My dogs are OBSESSED and thought they were real because they look so lifelike

Perfect likeness

I lost my sweet boy on April 21st. He was in my life for 14 years and his loss was soul crushing. I just kept thinking I should have cuddled him longer that morning. Now I can cuddle him anytime I want. Thank you for giving me another chance to hold him.

Original Plush Cuddle Clone
Ileene Dellaccio

You guys were right on spot with Oreo. People that see the stuffed dog think it is real. You did a great job on him.


Had this Cuddle Clone made for my grandson. He was absolutely thrilled and overjoyed with the results. He loves his dogs and now he will always have her with him wherever he goes.


Our Cuddle Clone turned out perfect! She’s been very loved and will be cherished for years.

Absolutely Amazing Dog Clone !!!

Our dog, Cody passed away on March 8th 2024.
My family is still grieving the loss. Seeing this beautiful replica has helped us try to heal from the sadness. Thank you so much !!!!

A Beautiful Memory

I ordered a clone after my parrot of 32 years passed away. I was blown away with how realistic he looked, I imaged a large stuffed animal and I got an exact size and look. Even my friends said how real it looked. Thank you for giving me such a beautiful memory.

Exceeded Expectations

I lost my soul dog 15 days ago and my world has completely fallen apart since.

I paid the extra $100 for 2 week rush because I just couldn’t wait.

The photos don’t even do it justice. My girl had a little black mole my her lip and an ‘x’ birthmark on her butt and both were identical on the stuffed animal.

I immediately broke down when I opened this. I keep having to remind myself it’s not real and she’s gone every time I look over at it.

So glad I did this.

“Grief is love’s souvenir”

CC did a beautiful job honoring our fur baby after we lost him earlier this year. He’s absolutely adorable, and we have a lovely tribute area for him. It’ll take some getting used to, because he looks so real. This is the closest way to feel like we can still hug him until we meet again under the rainbow bridge. I’m grateful for CC being around to help comfort my family because when I was little, there was nothing like it to help with the loss of a pet. This plush is a work of art and people need to understand, of course there are going to be small things you may notice that aren’t perfect. But you can’t duplicate perfection lol, you can, however, surely come close. I mean, wow! Thank you.

We love our cuddle clone!!

This is the perfect thing for children struggling with the loss of a pet. We bought one for our daughter after loosing our beloved dog Bear & it has helped her so much to have to snuggle & looks just like our girl!!


I could not be more happy to get this amazing little clone of my best friend. He passed away not to long ago and it really made me so emotional to se him again. Thank you so much ❤️

Love them

I ordered two cuddle clones of my two cats. They turned out great. My girl’s clone looks identical.

Well done Cuddle Clones

I lost my puppy Perry in a freak accident right before Christmas. I got a cuddle clone to help me with my grief. His wild child hair is perfect. He’s almost Perry’s size too. To have something physical to hold when I’m sad or just to get a pet when I’m getting up in the morning has helped so much. Thank you!

Custom Bobblehead
Looks just like my dog! It’s so funny and adorable all at the same time!

Looks just like my Chakra! Thank you!