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Customized Bobblehead

This product feeds shelter pets

Have an adorable, miniature version of your beloved dog to display on your desk, mantle, or anywhere you want!

 The Cuddle Clones Custom Dog Bobblehead is handcrafted to perfectly match the unique features of your furry friend whether it's their distinctive markings, the shape of their ears, or the color of their eyes. Our skilled artists work diligently to ensure that every detail is captured flawlessly.

• Handcrafted to Replicate Your Pet
• Love it or Your Money Back Guarantee
• 100,000+ Satisfied Cuddle Clone Owners
• Each Purchase Helps a Shelter Pet

Bobbleheads are only currently available for replicas of dogs

How to submit the best picture of your pet!

One Pet Front and Center
One Pet Front and Center

For the perfect custom plush, we need clear, close-up images of your buddy’s face and chest. To ensure we accurately capture their unique features and turn them into an awesome piece of art, please make sure the pictures you submit feature only the pet you are cloning/customizing. This helps us focus solely on their details and create a truly one-of-a-kind plush replica for you!


Sitting down or standing up works best to center your pet’s features on our products!


Good lighting makes a brown dog look brown, not black. Make sure there is adequate lighting to let your furballs colors shine thru!

Unmatched Quality

Starting with the photographs you provide, our artisans study every detail, from the fur shade to the unique patterns and contours that define your pet's unique traits.

Utilizing high-quality materials, we craft and refine your Cuddle Clone to ensure every characteristic is captured just the way you want it.

We know you will love your custom bobblehead - but if you don't feel a connection, we will give you 100% of your money back.

The Perfect Gift for Pet Lovers

Our custom dog bobbleheads serve as a testament to the bond we share with our pets.

These bobbleheads are the perfect gift for that friend who adores their furry companion, as a tribute to a beloved pet who's no longer with us, or even as a travel companion on adventures near and far, these custom figurines promise a unique and unforgettable experience with every nod."

Frequently Asked Questions

What animals can you create bobbleheads for?

Currently, we are only offering bobbleheads for dogs. We hope to expand our range in the future.

What are the dimensions of the dog bobblehead?

The dimensions of our dog bobblehead are 12cm x 9.5cm x 19cm.

How is the dog bobblehead customized?

The head of the bobblehead is fully customized to resemble the likeness of your dog, while the body is tailored with custom colors to match your dog's fur and patterns.

How long does it take to customize my dog bobblehead?

The standard creation time, excluding shipping, is 8 weeks. We do offer rush creation options: 6 Weeks for an additional $39, 4 Weeks for $99 (currently on promotion for $59), and 2 Weeks for $149 (currently on promotion for $99).

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
John Brandquist
Our Winny Clone

Purchased a full size Clone god my wife and 2 bobbleheads for our grandkids. While I expected my wife to love the full size clone which she does, rack of our Grand children also loved their bobbleheads. One took her with her when she went back to college while our grandson has his on his desk while at work. I found the bobbleheads to be adorable so I ordered a third one for my wife.

Good artist

It's good to have a pet that look like my die ones

Franklin Barnes

The Customized Bobblehead of our mini-Deutsch Hound Jewlz was fantastic and so life like. It looks just like her. We have shown friends a picture of Jewlz side-by-side to the Bobblehead and they've had difficulty telling which one is real and which one is the Bobblehead. Some people have thought we got a new dog and were amazed we found one that looked just like Jewlz. The color markings were a perfect match. The artist did a great job!

Niki Pearce
Boston Bobblehead

I got this as a gift for a dog grandmother. The rendering was perfect--look like Hank cloned. Hank, the original, thought the bobblehead was his twin and tried to get it to play with him.


Our bobble head looks just like our son’s puppy!! Thank you