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M Buxton
Littlest Artyom

I am very, very happy with all of the attention to detail and love that went into creating a cuddle clone of my special boy. I recently got the devastating news that my boy had cancer, so I wanted something to create some happy memories with in the time we have together. I am beyond thrilled with the result. Thank you, Cuddle Clones.

She’s perfect ♥️

My husband is not easily impressed when it comes to creating likeness’ of his Sophie, we’ve had artwork done but he says it never really captures her. Losing her this year was a terrible shock for us - he got Sophie when he was in high school and diagnosed with a chronic illness. She was what kept him going and got him on his feet again, and they were inseparable from that point. She always was closest when he was sick or sad to bring him the support and love he needed. It was all too fitting that she arrived in the mail this year while he was in the hospital having an emergency surgery. Sophie came home in more ways than one, and he finally says someone got her right.

Ashley Eliz
Beyond happy with our boy <3

We recently lost our beautiful fur-son to cancer and it has been such a devastating loss. We miss our boy everyday and this is such a comforting and amazing tribute to our Foof. Thank you for your attention to detail even the little upside down heart shape on his side. We are deeply grateful and happy with your beautiful work. Thank you.

Melissa Waligorski

After losing our almost 15 year old lab Harley, we decided to get a cuddle clone to remind us of her. Thank you for doing a fantastic job on getting her features just right. She looks just like her.


The cuddle clone didn't look as close as we remembered her, but looking at the pictures we sent they did exactly as we asked. No memorial will be 100% but Cuddle Clones got it almost exact with the pictures. The coloring was spot on as well. It was definitely worth the money spent.