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Jake and his Cuddle Clone

Jake and his cuddle clones! My clone looks exactly like my pup, and while the clone isn’t exactly my dog, he’s a fantastic clone for being away at college! Jake turns 15 in July. He’s an old man, but he still has the heart of a puppy.  He may run into things while trying to catch his ball, but he chases it anyway! I’m so lucky to have a replica of my dog while I’m away, and especially for when he’s gone (but he’s never going to…)

Mandi Hecker

Opi’s Cuddle Clone

This is my baby Opi. He passed away almost two years ago. From the e-mail correspondence between my fiancé and you, he was the first rabbit you’ve ever done. We had Opi for 3 and a half years before he had a stroke a passed in his sleep. He was our (my fiancé and I) first pet together, but he was much more than a pet. He was our house rabbit, and fur baby, and he was allowed out of his cage at all times. He would follow us around, and played with Oliver (my fiancé) like he was a puppy dog. The morning my fiancé told me he passed I was devastated and all I could say was I wish I had a stuffed animal of him so I could have him forever. Later in the year, Oliver gave him to me The following Christmas. It was only a few months after he passed, and when I opened the box I couldn’t believe how incredible and life like my cuddle clone looked. It brought me to tears, it was the most thoughtful gift. I get to remember my baby everyday because of you. He isn’t here today for me to put next to his cuddle clone, so I put the picture I have framed of him next to it. So thank you for being able to let me have him for forever. It wouldn’t be possible without you. We love him so much and thank you!

Little Miss Priss With a Kiss

Chloe’s Cuddle Clone

Our precious Chloe and his cuddle clone. It gives my children such peace to have a reminder of him that they can hold.

Melanie Kefer Royer

Minnie’s Cuddle Clone

A while back, I’d won a contest held by cuddle clones’ Instagram. I never win anything! It makes me know that my Minnie knew how much I love and miss her, so she helped me win. I couldn’t decide a few details but finally settled in December and ordered her. She came today. Which is ironic because May 11th is my least favorite day of the year. I was so nervous. I opened the box, and nervously peered inside. I saw the top of her head and lost it lol. It looks exactly like her, even down to her size!!! Minnie’s brothers Mickey, Cosmo and Martini are freaking out and staring at her! They did a wonderful job! I highly recommend this company!

Michael Ladybug Garrison

Tonka’s Cuddle Clone

Tonka came out amazingly!! Totally worth the wait. Thanks Jennifer, Shy and everyone else who made my almost 14 year old angel immortal!

Shannon Their Cpdt-ka

Gus’s Figurine

Thank you so much for the figurine of my mare Gus!! this figurine couldn’t have come at a better time. I miss her every day. thank you!!

Sarah Rohr

Mugsy’s Memorial

Mugsy’s memorial garden is complete. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on his stone. It looks perfect!

Jill Levy Bartolotta

Diesel’s Memorial

Miss Molly thanks you!! We love his stone!

Breanna Findley

Dylan’s Cuddle Clone

Thank you so much for my Dylan clone – well worth the wait. I can’t believe how accurate every little detail is, even down to two patches of black on his back legs which you can’t even see when he’s sitting! I do admit to a few tears as I saw him, which shows what a wonderful memorial he is.

Michelle Gillett

Autumn’s Figurine

We were given this figurine as a gift in January. Our sweet Autumn passed away in April and we are so grateful to have it. It really looks just like her.

Maria Difulvio

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