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Bubba’s Cuddle Clone

Our Cuddle Clones means so much to us because it’s one of the best keepsakes we’ll ever own of our boy Bubba!! We rescued him from a shelter 6 years ago and he changed our lives for the better! He now has a sister we rescued 2 years ago and we’d love to have her Cuddle Clone to keep his company!

Steph Sechrest

Lady Bug and Hercules Cuddle Clone

I currently have two Cuddle Clones. My girl right here, Lady Bug, has one that I was fortunate enough to get a couple of years ago. The one she is laying on is the one of her brother, Hercules, who crossed over to the Bridge on December 31, 2013, a month shy of his 18th birthday.

While this photo may not be the best photo, it is symbolic.

Lady Bug and Hercules were so very close. Between them both, there was a sense of magic. Where she was, he was there, always watching over his *little sister*.

A wonderful group of friends got me my Hercules.

My CC’s mean the world to me, especially my Hercules, because in some strange way, I still can hug him. I talk to him as well. It gives me a sense of some connection that his resemblance is still *alive* in a way. I have three other heart dogs, and I would love to be able to get one more finished, as they are all becoming elders on me.

Merrily Tithof

Peb’s Cuddle Clone

My Pebbles and her Cuddle Clone! ‪ My Pebs’ Cuddle Clone means so much to me because Pebs will be 16 this year (next month). The photo on the bottom is the first photo of her at 1 year old. See how much more black her face is? The top photo is how she is today (much more white)! I know she won’t be with me too much longer and though I cherish and give thanks for the remaining time she has with me, I’m glad I have a little clone of her to cheer me up when she is inevitably gone! Thank you SO much Cuddle Clones!

Deborah Farris

Kassy’s Cuddle Clone

This is my cuddle clone of Kassy. I got it right before my freshman year of college. Back then it was a reminder of what was waiting for me at home after a long week of classes. Now it means so much more. Kassy passed away 3 weeks ago and having her cuddle clone has helped me get through the hard days. When I hold it in my arms there is a blissful moment where I’m reminded of what it felt like to wrap my arms around her. What once helped me smile after a long day of classes now provides a comfort I never thought I’d need. Thank you so much cuddle clones for capturing my little girl so effortlessly it truly does mean the world to me!


Levi’s Cuddle Clone

A tangible memory of my beloved friend that I can treasure and hold until the end of my days. Cuddle Clones is an amazing company that can bring a smile through the pain of losing a pet. Their attention to detail is impeccable, and they truly love what they do.


Omega and his Clone

We received our cuddle clone of Omega about a week ago and we love it so much. Though he is still with us , it is nice knowing even when he is no longer with us we will still have a clone to remember him by. Omega was the first dog I’ve ever had and is the best thing that has happened to me. His personality is unique in its own way and no dog would ever be able to replace that. I would love to eventually get a clone of all the dogs. He is my boyfriend’s first dog and feels the same way about him as i feel about Omega and i would love to surprise him with a clone of his boy. Him and Brian have such a unique bond, he will not let Brian out of his sight it is the cutest thing ever.

Omegas Amigos

Loki’s Cuddle Clone

What does my cuddle clone mean to me? it means the world to me, to have something that resembled let alone looks just like her means so much. Losing her has been very hard and I think about her everyday, I sometimes don’t feel like she is gone that she is still here at daycare waiting for me to pick her up. I sleep with my cuddle clone every night and wake up with it right next to me every morning reminding me that she may be gone but she’s really still here. It’s been a big help these last few months I will always have a piece of her. I miss doing creative photo shoots and thinking of cool ideas she loved the camera and always went to the purple wall when I brought it out. Thank you to cuddle clones for everything you have given me.

Loki The Golden God

George and his Cuddle Clone

This is my beautiful boy George and his cuddle clone. I always take it with me on trips when I can’t be with the actual George and it makes it a lot easier to be away from him. I cherish it so much because I know I’ll always have a part of him when he’s gone. This means so much to me and I know it will be something I will absolutely love and cherish all of my life.


Ella and her Cuddle Clone

Ella and her #cuddleclone #twinsies Most unique gift idea for any pet lover!

Courtney Wideman

Jack and his Cuddle Clone

This is Jack and his cuddle clone. After a few months of waiting I’m so happy he finally came in. Everyone that knows Jack knows he is a grumpy little man that will not let you cuddle with him but I can with his cuddle clone so I guess that’s close enough. Even though Jack is still here with me I am so thankful to have his cuddle clone and I will forever appericate it and cherish it especially when Jack isn’t physically with me anymore . So thank you so much cuddle clones.

Megan Benincaso

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