Plush Slippers Gift Box

$224 $199 (Save $25)

What's Included in the Gift Box? Total Value: $224
  • Plush Slipper Gift Card ($199 Value) - This gift card gives your gift recipient the ability to get a soft pair of slippers custom-made to look EXACTLY like their beloved pet!.
  • Pet Theme Photo Frame ($20 Value) - A rustic wood and metal frame with "One of the Family" in a stylish cut-out.
  • Premium Certificate ($5 Value) - A premium card stock print that awaits your signature as the gift giver.
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About The Plush Slipper

  • 100% Handmade! Our talented designers hand-sew every Original Plush Cuddle Clone using only the highest quality plush materials to match every pets’ unique likeness.
  • Uniquely Realistic! Our skilled airbrush artists use an environmentally safe water-based paint to capture the tiniest of features that make a pet unique.
  • ALL pets can be Cuddle Clones! We celebrate pets big and small, from tiny goldfish to huge horses, past or present furry friends are equally celebrated – all you need are a few photos.
  • The Perfect Gift for Pet Lovers! A unique surprise for ANY pet lover or great gift for yourself to celebrate the special bond with your furry best friend!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Every plush Cuddle Clone comes with the peace of mind that if you’re not 100% satisfied with your pet’s likeness – your money back.

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