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This product feeds 20 shelter pets
  • Handmade to look just like your pet!
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  • We make ALL animals - dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, etc.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2104 reviews
Jennifer Clark
Jaxson's Cuddle Clone

CC captured his unique markings and characteristics perfectly! The attention to detail is remarkable. I was incredibly happy when Jaxson's clone arrived; it was well worth the wait!
In the near future, I plan on ordering one of our dog, Jayson (Olde English Bulldog).
I highly recommend gifting yourself or others an original plush cuddle clone!

Keebo the awesome mini kitty

Excellent here’s a link to a video of Keebos Grammy receiving Keebo’s’ cuddle clone

Cassie Davis
We love it!

A few months ago my daughter and I lost our best friend we had to put her down because of unexplained paralysis. This tore my daughter apart! The same night she found this website, after reading the reviews and looking at the kinds of animals and way you can make them, I knew I had to get one! It took a few weeks but it was worth the wait! It even had her wired hair and her little hair on the top of her head that we called her Mohawk! She loved it and try to cuddle with it as much as she can without our dog with have now getting to it lol! Thank you cuddle clones for bringing our puppy back!

Noorhi Perez
Worth the Wait

Before ordering our cuddle clone for our cat, we already skimmed through the reviews made by other owners here. We noticed that in contrast to dogs, the facial features of cats were not as accurately constructed. However, since we own both a dog and a cat, we understand that cats tend to have a wide range of physical appearances unlike dogs, whether they are crossbred or not. During the ordering process, we could only provide a maximum of 6-8 different angles of our pet, so that the designers can get the most accurate grasp of what your clone should look like (abstract-wise). Furthermore, the lighting, resolution, and the fact that many owners may not have a multitude of different photos of their cat, all greatly affect how the designer interprets the color, dimensions, and the facial features of the cat. This is in part due to the fact that the nose and muzzle on cats are quite small, making it difficult to mold its shape. So, when the designers finalize the face by stuffing and sewing it, it may slightly distort the clone's face. Because we understood this, we were already happy if our cat clone had an overall resemblance of approximately 70%. Including the shipping, foreign exchange rate, and import duty taxes, our order cost us approximately $360 (CAD) in total and we received our package a month later. For a custom stuffed clone of your unique pet, this is a completely reasonable cost.

Fortunately, we were very happy when we unboxed our cuddle clone and we felt that it had an 80% resemblance to our cat. As expected, the facial features of the clone were still a bit off, which you can see in the photo below. We were so grateful that our precious dog thought that her feline companion had finally returned home. We recommend that you mention what color the whiskers and eyebrows on your clone ought to be, since we received white ones, which we were able to re-color using sharpie. The material used to make the whiskers are incredibly limp unlike that of a real cat's, which is one suggestion that we would like the company to be aware of in the future. We were happy that the designers followed our special characteristic request to make our sitting clone at our specified height of the cat and length of its tail. The delicate use of the airbrush created a nice color coating on my clone, giving it the realistic appearance of the undercoat of a real cat. Thank you to everyone at cuddle clones for helping us to reunite with our beloved pet.

Hailey Santibanez

I got this for a first Father’s Day gift for my boyfriend and I’m so glad it turned out so good with all her little details. He loves it.

Kasie LaCrone

I ordered a plush clone for my boyfriend for his first Father's Day as we are expecting a baby boy in September. Rooney, our Frenchie, will forever be our first born son and I wanted to clone him as our human son's first stuffed animal and give it to my boyfriend for his first Father's Day. Cuddle Clones as a company was great to work with and I really love their charitable stance. Knowing that we helped donate to animals makes the price okay but I will say I wasn't 100% in love with the product. The fur isn't very soft at all and the resemblance is vague at best. Maybe I'm being too picky or expecting too much but I would give this a 7/10. I get that they only used photos to create the clone but I was still hoping for better quality all around.