This product feeds 11 shelter pets
  • 3D Designed to look just like your pet!
  • Premium Sandstone sized at 4" long, 3" tall
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Customer Reviews

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Very Pleased with Purchase

We were heartbroken when our sweet Aboo unexpectedly passed away in June 2020. Cuddle Clones did an amazing job with this figurine and it's such a great way to remember her. I received the product sooner than expected (only 2 weeks) and it was packaged well. Markings were done with accuracy. I would definitely recommend this figurine for purchase. Thanks so much, Cuddle Clones!


The body is okay but the face, ears and tail look nothing like my pup. She didn’t have a a big droopy face, rat tail and she had petite ears. Really disappointed, especially for the price.

Repeat Customer

Ordered my 2nd figurine from Cuddle Clones, they did such a great job of recreating my previous ChowChow Bear that I had them do one of my ChowChow Zeke that I just had to put down due to an unexpected tumor. Both of my figurines do a great ob of capturing my boys and I'm very pleased.

Perfect is the only word I can use.

Thank you for doing this for all of us. I got my figurine of my pet Toad today and "perfect" is the only word I can use. From the correct coloring to the little 'toad butt' and warts (plus her natural smile), you folks have made it possible for me to hold her again and not just her ashes. I am so excited for the stuffed version. Thank you, deeply. Feel free to use this as an example in memorial to Toadiekins.

Cha-Cha the hamster!

Shipping didn't take that long. It looks just like her too. I hope this is helpful to people that want one of their hamsters because I was going through reviews before I bought it and none of them had a hamster! So I was hesatint to buy one but I am glad I did! My mom loves her hamster and she loves this figurine of her hamster. I recommend it to people who love their pets!

Not too shabby

I ordered two at the same time of my dogs who are mixed breeds. The patterns on the figurines are spot on, however the colours are not as varied as the photos I provided, the eyes appear to have not been painted and it looks like the exact same model was used despite asking for a long tail on one/the photos supplied showing two different shaped dogs (especially noticeable in the head shape. For the price and shipping (located in Australia), I'm not sure I would get these again. It's a shame, because I've ordered the clone plush before and it was perfect.