This product feeds 11 shelter pets
  • 3D Designed to look just like your pet!
  • Premium Sandstone sized at 4" long, 3" tall
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Customer Reviews

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Not too shabby

I ordered two at the same time of my dogs who are mixed breeds. The patterns on the figurines are spot on, however the colours are not as varied as the photos I provided, the eyes appear to have not been painted and it looks like the exact same model was used despite asking for a long tail on one/the photos supplied showing two different shaped dogs (especially noticeable in the head shape. For the price and shipping (located in Australia), I'm not sure I would get these again. It's a shame, because I've ordered the clone plush before and it was perfect.

Meatball our 12 year old Pitbull

We lost our boy on Jan 7, 2021. I ordered the figurine to surprise his dad. It was done excellently. They even got spots on his stomach. It sitting next to his ashes. We are very thankful to have a beautiful little statue of him.

Sweet Girl

Our sweet girl's memory has been brought to life by this cuddle clones figurine. It looks just like her!

Tiger as a Figure

Initially, Tiger's color looked really off and uneven, but customer support was really nice and let me send it back to them to do a remake, and based on the reference images I sent over, they did a really good job with her. The facial expression is spot on, and the colors are great too.

So cute

I love it so cute but I don’t want to lose it ever but it’s very small but looks just like my dog we sadly had to re home her I am ok now but I cried a lot last weekend I am just blown away by the detail so incredible I love it if you want to sponsor me I would it you’re amazing 🤩 I am so happy with it picture below of my baby my dog that I don’t have any more so sad I couldn’t find a good place to take a picture of the figurine so sorry and no good lighting where I am at lol 😂

The Birdies (A Christmas Gift For My Best Friend)

I love my best friend so much that I (back during the Summer) bought her a figurine that looked just like her bird Mendel who passed away. Fast forward to Autumn/Winter and here we are with the rest of Mendel’s friends. Tesla, Jakey and Skittles: along with her fish Emelio who unfortunately passed away this past Summer. I think this is the greatest Christmas gift I have given to my best friend Rachel because it’s very sentimental and will stays a core piece in the heart of our friendship/relationship, but also the fact that amount of trust and patience I have invested into the wonderful and helpful staff at Cuddle Clones resulted in such beautiful pieces of art. I feel like “Sure they cost a little much, but they are kept for a lifetime.” Thank you for making the end of our 2020 and birthdays (12/4 mine and 12/7 hers) very magical. As I ordered quite a few more in the recent months, I will do their reviews as well. Once again, thank you Cuddle Clones for the amazing, beautiful, charming, delightful, etc gifts and from Rachel, Tesla, Jakey, Skittles and myself (and so many others), Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and All you need is tweets. ❤️🌈🤠