Paw It Forward

Get Money for Your Animal Cause or Charity!

We get letters and emails every day asking us to donate money to pet-related causes and charities – and we do – giving back is one of the main reasons we started Cuddle Clones. How can you raise money for your animal-related organization via Cuddle Clones? The Answer: Through our Paw It Forward program! By becoming an affiliate for Cuddle Clones, you and your nonprofit organization can raise money for any part of your organization – whether you need donations for a fundraiser, money for a new facility, or just help with every day bills. Help us be able to help you!

How It Works

  • Coupon Codes

    We get you setup with your own coupon code and each time your coupon code is used to make a purchase on our website, you get 10% of the sale.

  • Online Ads

    Each time an ad-click from your website results in a sale at Cuddle Clones, you get 10% of the sale.

  • Payment

    At the end of each month, we send the proceeds directly to YOUR organization!

Learn More

To inquire about becoming a Paw It Forward partner, please contact us at [email protected]

Not associated with a nonprofit organization but would like to become an affiliate for Cuddle Clones? Please visit our Affiliates page or contact us at [email protected]