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Jillian Winne

Your artists did a fabulous job and captured Ferguson’s coloring perfectly. I can’t thank you enough. He was my buddy for 19 years and losing him has been hard. This plush softens it a bit.


My daughter recently lost her 13 year old boxer, Bowe. It broke all of our hearts. I had actually already ordered this but had sent it back for some touch ups. We got it back this past week. They did such a good job. They were great to work with. They made it just like I wanted. We gave it to my daughter and her family last night. They all loved it. Their other dog, Obi was trying to get to it. I think he actually thought it was Bowe. 😥

Review part 2…

I just wanted to thank the artists again for recreating my fur baby who recently passed. I love him more & more each day. He truly helps my heart. He looks just like him during his younger days (which are the pics I submitted). I also wanted to thank CC again for outstanding communication before & during his creation. Kindest regards!

Melly M.
It’s absolutely perfect!

My beloved cat, Garfield, has unfortunately passed away this February of old age. I have decided to order a cuddle clone to have a unique memoir of him and to help me cope with the loss. He has arrived today and I am absolutely delighted and too stunned to speak! Frankly, I was tearing up when I unpacked my order because my plushie looks so real - it feels like my beloved furbaby finally came back home to be held in my arms again.
It’s even better than I expected.
Thanks to everyone who was working on my order to make this possible. The attention to detail is immaculate!
It’s definitely worth placing an order if you’re considering it! 🥹🫶🏻

Teresa Gamble

I am absolutely blown away by how much it looks like my sweet boy Chaos. I had to save up for a while to be able to afford one. I received my cuddle clone on a very hard day so it lifted me up so much. I just lost a second cat and received my clone after I picked the ashes. I will save again to hopefully get one for the guy I just lost. My heart is broken again.