Product Description:

Our custom dog ornaments are made from the highest-quality ceramic materials and are constructed as a solid piece to give these beautiful keepsakes added durability.

Custom Dog Ornaments

We believe our furry best friends should be celebrated all the time, but especially during the most wonderful time of the year! That’s why we offer custom dog ornaments featuring your precious pup’s face as a colorful unique piece of art. Our custom dog ornaments are the crowning jewels of any pet lover’s tree and make touching heirloom gifts that celebrate the love for a furry family member.

With our custom dog ornaments, you simply upload a photo of your dog and select options like color and background. Then our artists turn your cute pooch into an amazing piece of art! Your unique art is then emblazoned on your ornament using a variety of dye-sublimation techniques, producing superior images that will forever remind you of your favorite canine companion.

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