Our Affiliate Program

E-Commerce Partners

E-Commerce Partners

If you have an online pet related store and want to sell Cuddle Clones products on your site, then we want to work with you. Customers who order through you can expect the same customer service from our staff and 100% refund if they are not satisfied.

Why Promote Cuddle Clones?

Your Success Helps Pets in Need
  • A portion of all sales at Cuddle Clones, directly benefit pets in need. Check out our most recent Charitable Donations.
We Will Take Care of Your Customers
  • We offer phone and chat support via our in-office customer service representatives.
Give Exclusive Discounts to Your Customers

What Can We Offer You?

Assets: We can provide you with images that match the design of your website and marketing materials.
Email Templates: We can provide you with copy and images to include in your newsletters or entire email templates.

Ready to Start Selling?

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