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Cuddle Clones Donates $500 to Mav Is A Sick Puppy And Needs Help!

Maverick has been in remission from Lymphoma for just over a year now. However, recently his human's noticed that he was acting lethargic and his lymph nodes were enlarged so they took him to Deland Animal Hospital, and they confirmed their fears. Maverick's Lymphoma is back. His blood tests came out great, which means that all of his organs are functioning properly. That makes him a great candidate for a second round of chemo. Maverick tolerated it beautifully the first time around, so his human's decided to go ahead with round two. His first dose was administered a few months ago, and they are cautiously optimistic. Mav will be on the Wisconsin Protocol, which is the same 25 week treatment he was on before. The treatment plan is a weekly dose of chemo for the next few weeks along with daily prednisone. All in total, this plan will cost his humans nearly $7,000 last time. The new vet they are seeing tells them that they are much much cheaper, and that they should see significant savings. As for his odds.....well, the chances of achieveing a second remission are lower, but because he is in good shape and did so well last time, they are looking pretty good. His humans know they can never know how long they will have him, but he means the world to them, and every healthy day is cherished. If you would like to learn more about Mav, and how you can help click here.

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