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Cuddle Clones Donates $1000 to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

Nearly 60 years after Candy Kitchen, New Mexico, was founded, artist Jacque Evans purchased the abandoned ranch to be her home. Jacque had a great love for wolves and wolf-dogs and became aware of the increasing number of unwanted animals and their special needs. She realized her land could become a refuge and opened her life and home to the animals. In 1991, Jacque founded "The Candy Kitchen Wolf and Wolf-dog Rescue Ranch" and supported animal rescues by selling her artwork. News of Jacque's devotion to the animals quickly spread, and soon, the rescue ranch began to expand. Barbara Berge was rescuing wolf-dogs in Albuquerque and met Jacque through a rescued animal named Sable in June of 1992. Realizing a common dream, Barbara moved to Candy Kitchen in 1993 to help Jacque transform her rescue ranch into a non-profit organization. In October 2003, Candy Kitchen Rescue went through reorganization and became Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. At this time, Leyton Cougar took over the position of Executive Director. Today the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary has a three-fold mission of providing rescue, sanctuary, and education. Wild Spirit through their rescue efforts help displaced, unwanted, and un-releasable captive-bred wolves, wolf-dogs, and other related species. Once rescued, Wild Spirit offers sanctuary by providing permanent, lifetime safe sanctuary for those that we rescue and provide the highest level of care, enrichment, and habitat. Finally, Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary works hard to educate the public about wolves, wolf-dogs, and other related species, our ecosystem and how we all play a part in it, and the excellent, ethical care and treatment of all animals domestic and wild. If you would like to learn more about Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and how you can help visit them here:

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